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The Heart of a Missionary

This is a picture of me, my husband and Ric and Cathy Nelson.  They are missionaries.   Everybody is a missionary of some sort.  It all comes down to what we focus on as our mission in life.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in all the nonsense happening in our National Government that we forget there are people on their way to hell….but maybe I’m repeating the same thing!  As much as we would like to take a break from the political stuff, most issues are still political!

So, if you’re watching the news this week and thinking about how bad it is out there, give yourself a break and listen to our show to hear about the good things that are happening in the world around us. Continue reading

How to Be a Shrewd Samaritan

This appears to be a common sight along our major thoroughfares.  Years ago, this was rarer.

I asked my friends for their thoughts and was surprised at how divided people are about this.  Some people always give them money with no questions asked.  Others never give them money because they have been told it only makes the problem worse.  Some share Christ with them, but it’s hard to do anything when there’s a line of cars waiting to get through the traffic light!

The saddest part is that it seems to be increasing.  Some are frauds and others may be legitimate.  Nearly all of them claim to be from our military.  Some might be, but it’s more likely they post that on their signs because it gets them more donations.  What is the right response?

On our show today we discuss what is causing this and how we can help.

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Deliver Us From Evil

Last week, my daughter and I went to a Thrive event.  Thrive works to help mothers in difficult circumstances and save lives of the unborn in the St. Louis area.  They raised over a million dollars!  In the middle of all this chaos, it’s good to know there are some bright spots in our State!


An impeachment is an effort to undo an election.  According to the US Constitution, an impeachment is for “high crimes”, meaning something very serious, not for the purpose of playing silly partisan games.  In 1998, Nancy Pelosi told us that the reason we have an impeachment is because of the partisan hatred.   Listen to the words of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

While some people think this is about Republican vs. Democrat, it’s really about the “Establishment Elite” vs. “We The People”.  It’s not about “Left” vs. “Right” as much as it’s about good vs. evil.  We have one party that controls 1/6 of the National Government more concerned about disrupting our government than legislating.

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Getting Down to Earth

Probably few of you will dispute me if I say our culture is sliding downward. It used to be that we would have to be vigilant when we were out in public, especially in secular educational institutions, but now there are reasons to be concerned about the downward spiral inside some churches!

During this tumultuous time of more shootings, lawlessness, being overrun by people who don’t embrace the ideals of our Country, this is time for the church to stand up and preach the truth.  If you’re in a church that’s moving toward “Progressive Christianity”, you need to get out now!  There’s a dividing line between those who believe in the Bible and those who just want to have a cute little club where they feel affirmed.  Read this article to learn the signs:

The only way we will stabilize is if we go with the rules for civility found in the Bible.  On our show today, we have a guest who breaks down the parables of Jesus and helps us understand how to live meaningful lives.

Overcoming Evil with Good

The news of the recent reckless murders force us to ask “What is causing this?”  At the end of all the public debates, we still are left with a godless culture feeding a spirit of evil.

I condemn all the opportunists trying to use these tragedies to further their leftist agendas.  Violence stems from the heart and cannot be controlled by more laws.  If anything, these shootings prove that no government is capable of assuring nobody will ever get hurt by a deranged murderer.

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Waiting for Things to Change

As a Patriot, one of the hardest things we confront is watching our country deteriorate and not knowing what to do.  There’s no question that our character is waning, but the only hope is to keep being principled and communicate the truth with others.

Now I’ll tell you what I’m doing.  I’m expanding my Christian Bookstore.  I’m helping people find God.  I’m building the moral fiber of our Country because, without Christ, we’re only going to see things get worse!

On our show today, we talk about what to do while we wait, watch and hope for a better tomorrow.  I hope it encourages and inspires you.

What do you do to keep your hope alive during tough times?


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Transforming Society

This photo says it all.  A man, trying to shock people, dresses up in a weird costume.  The parents turned off their natural instincts to protect their children and brought them to see this phenomenon.  Perhaps, it’s like taking children to a free “freak show” in a circus.  I feel sorry for these innocent children.

You can see from the picture that the baby is not buying it!  Despite the mother trying to foist this on her, a freak is a freak!

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Truck Driving

It annoys me when I see a truck driving about 6 feet behind my rear bumper.  The law of physics would dictate that we still will arrive at our destinations at about the same time!   Truck drivers used to be considered the “gentlemen of the highways”.  Now there are some who can’t even speak English!

Anyone who drives on the highway can share plenty of stories of what we’ve seen trucks do….but most of us have no idea what’s going on inside the cab.  The new laws and the new fellow-truck drivers have substantially changed the industry and the reputation of trucks on the roads.

My husband used to drive a truck, so this topic is near and dear to me.  It was like having a permanently-installed lobbyist built into my house at all times.  It’s amazing what a legislator can learn by being married to someone with a strong opinion!

To help you understand, we did a show on what’s happening out there on the road.  I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

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Courts Cannot Make Laws!

So many people are fearful that the US Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade.  We are seeing reactions from many states to define what their policies should be just in case that happens.

A few states are acknowledging that it is the proper place of government to protect innocent life.  Other states are going as fast as they can to make sure babies can be destroyed up until the minute they are born.  New York and Virginia are examples of states that have lurched far to the left.   On this video, the legislator shows us a glimpse of shame.  You can just see her embarrassment because her conscience is telling her that it’s wrong. Continue reading

Culture Wars

This is a photo from a previous Mother’s Day.  Isn’t it nice that despite all of our Country’s wrangling, we can still agree that mothers are important?

It is wrong when the government passes laws to put one class of people above another.  You’d think with all the complications with budgets, crime and immigration the legislatures would be busy enough working to move us forward.  Proposals in both State and Federal governments are not focused on real problems, but rather on what people do in the privacy of their homes.  If people were acting outrageously in public, I can imagine it being a priority bill, but since when do we need new laws for people doing something nobody sees?  One’s behavior in the bedroom should not precipitate a governmental event.

Laws pertaining to deviant behavior are designed to make a segment of our society feel affirmed and validated (not the purpose of government).  They also are designed with sharp teeth for those who want to harass others in a court of law and force societal acceptance of diviancy.  Laws can have an impact on our practices through fear of lawsuits, not because of newly found moral convictions. Continue reading

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