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What’s going on in our military?  We are in the struggle for our lives!  I didn’t know it would come to the point where thousands of our military men and women, many on the brink of retirement, would be forced to pick between their careers and the basic human right of self-preservation. 

This week, my son was on a nationwide show to discuss what is going on for our men and women in uniform.  



Benjamin Davis shares his experience rejecting the COVID jab in the U.S. Air Force on a recent edition of “Let’s Talk America” with Dr. John Diamond.



Sorry, it’s been a while, but we are still getting our technology in place to resume our regular schedule.  However, in the meantime, the world continues to change and I want to give you a quick update.

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling on the OSHA shot mandate, the partial victory was hollow.  The Supreme Court could have done a full stop to all businesses, medical establishments, and our military from ordering anyone to have anything invasive done to their body.  But it didn’t happen. 

This Supreme Court decision was a loss for the right of a person’s conscience.  Religious and medical exemptions are being denied by rubber stamp.  This was a blow to our God-given right to decide what we insert into our bodies!

While the ruling appeared to help some people, it did NOTHING TO HELP those who are serving in the healthcare industry nor any of our members of the military.  

The goal of parenting is to raise our offspring to be brave, principled, and willing to stand alone.  This Mama’s heart is rejoicing that we have a son who is willing to share his story in the  hopes that it may help others.  When this oppression started, most people declined the shot.  Now we are losing the critical numbers we need to oppose this mandate.  The military and medical personnel who were hailed as heroes a short time ago are now hanging by a thread.  

How much are you willing to give up to preserve the Republic?




1.) Pray for our brave military and medical personnel who are still standing for what’s right. 

2.)  Share this newsletter with everyone you know who should care about the direction of our country.

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  • Bill Gnuse

    I have gone to two wakes in the past month for Covid victims who were un-vaccinated. I am fully boosted with Pfizer vaccine. I have tested Positive from Walgreens lab. I had only mild symptoms. Actually have had colds that were worse. Never had any fever, never was sick. Am glad I decided in favor of the vaccine. Otherwise I might not be here. At the same time I’m glad that the high court blocked the Biden mandate. Many businesses struggle to find testing supplies and struggle to retain employees who choose vaccine refusal.

  • Dan Jestic

    I didn’t see the decision(s) as a success either; strikes me as odd that none of the mounting adverse reactions are ever considered–as we begin to enter yr 3 of “an emergency”–yet we’re terminating front-liners who worked exhaustively without a safety net a year ago amidst crucial staffing shortages. The flip-flopping of science on this suggests to me these draconian measures are more political than medical, despite the hysterical left.

  • John Crites

    Good to see you back! Keep sharing the unvarnished truth.
    We need therapeutics to be made available. Not just the new money maker pills , but the well tested old therapies as well.

  • Wesley Scroggins

    Your assessment of the Supreme Court decision is correct. It is worrisome that many Christian conservative organizations and individuals are hailing this as a victory for liberty and the Constitution. It is not. Biblical Law and Constitutional Law each demand equal protection. Equal protection is absent when the natural rights of some are protected and the protection of those same rights are denied to others. Scripture and the Constitution acknowledge no distinction in rights based on profession.

  • James Wells

    whether we’re willing to admit it, our scotus is compromised & controlled by the globalists who are trying to destroy our republic…the partial temporary block was another slap in the face of constitutional governance & rule of law public service…it’s worse than we can imagine…on another note; hope you’ll consider taking the seat of blunt, YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT

  • Jerry Jacobsmeyer

    I am happy to have you back in my email. You did your usual good job on commenting on the Supreme Courts decision on the OSHA vaccination mandate. Thank You.

    Question? Is 824 Bricken Place, St. L MO 63122 your postal address?

  • Robert Moulds

    Here’s a question is woke America worth defending? Spoiled ANITFA brats and BLM thugs smash statues in our parks and loot our shops. Incidentally if I had it my way I’d have ANITFA members expelled from colleges and give their programs to deserving minority students. Domestic terrorist run lose like the bogaloo boys, Not # militia and the 3% ers breaking local gun control and spreading fear. On fox news they had a question would you defend America if were invaded 68% conservatives would 35% liberals would 52% of liberals would leave. The irony they made a country not worth defending when snow flakes are offended by cheap Chinese stars and bars knoc offs bought at a local fair, the freedom convoy in Ottawa Ontario Canada and they even have you check your pronouns so much for freedom of speech. It seems not worth getting a buzz cut for.

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