Churches for Life

It seems like the world is getting darker every day, yet, there are ways to veer back onto the path.  Every year the state legislature gives the appearance of adding more pro-life laws, but if we don’t change the hearts of the people, women will go to another states to get abortions.

Most public schools stopped teaching honor, character and morals long ago.  Now we have a generation that doesn’t understand right from wrong.  Some people see abortion as a political issue, but it’s a moral issue.

40% of all women who got abortions last year were sitting in a church pew within two weeks of destroying their unborn children.  We don’t have our church houses in order.  The only tool we have in our tool-belt is to change hearts and minds through the Gospel.

What do you think is the answer to abortion?


1.) Share this newsletter and podcast with your friends.   Encourage others to stay engaged.  There is hope if we all continue to stand together.

2.)   Look up Churches for Life and see about bringing this to your church.


We know it’s wrong to kill the unborn, but how do we stop this holocaust?  Today we talk with Rachel Blackmore of Churches for Life about what you can do to help.

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  • Lonnie Randolph jr

    Pray of course! But WORK to change the way Christian people vote….CHRISTIANS actually voted for this baby killing administration. God gave us brains, bodies and voices. Some Christians act as though they threw their brains in the river when they were baptized. Be educated. Be ready….Be bold….Don’t hold back just because you might make someone uncomfortable….Be in their face but do it as Brothers and Sisters. Christians need to change minds not just win arguements..

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