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    Liberty Revival

    Where is our natural instinct of self-preservation?  If something doesn't change, tyranny is at our doorstep.  We must engage soon or we're heading toward socialism and fascism.

    We cannot afford to let this decline continue on our watch!  The public schools have not been teaching much about the evils of Nazi Germany and other horrors that have happened to humanity under oppressive governments.

    The Tea Party movement had positive energy and good people trying to make a difference in their government.  However, it eventually gave way to apathy and acquiescence because outrage over the government behavior was not enough.  We were depending on politicians to solve our problems instead of God.

    We cannot change the course of our Country by ourselves.  Only God can help us.  We need another Great Awakening.

    We stand in the gap and we will stand as far and as long as God gives us the grace, message, and mission.  Without a revival, we will not be able to do more than just slow the decay.  A spiritual revival is necessary to precede a political revival.

    I will be speaking on May 1st at the Liberty Revival event in our State's Capitol.  You are invited to join me.  Go to my website for more information: https://www.cynthiadavis.net/

    Is our country ripe for a liberty revival or do you think it's too late?



    1.) Share this newsletter with your friends.   Encourage others to stay engaged.  There is hope if we all continue to stand together.

    2.)   Come to the Liberty Revival on May 1st.  Details are here:


    Are you ready for some encouragement on how we can change the direction of our Country? On our show today we talk with Mitch Hubbard, founder of the Liberty Revival event.

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    I know I need to get back in shape, but I'm kind of waiting to see if the world is going to end before I put any real effort into it.
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There is a battle raging to grow government to out-of-control proportions.  The home is ground zero. It’s not enough to continue with our armchair hand-wringing.  Knowledge is power.  If we can learn more about the issues, we can move the country in the right direction.  You won’t hear the same sound bites constantly regurgitated on the evening news.  We are here to cut to the heart of the issues and to explain them in an easily digestible and entertaining format.


Politics has become a dirty business. We have all heard plenty of news stories of elected officials involved in scandals, adultery and illegal behavior sending them to prison. There is an old line, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” With all the political nastiness, many wonder why a decent person would enter such a vicious arena. The reason is simple. I love my country, I love my family and I care enough about both to commit my life to preserving that for which our founding fathers lived and died.

Our loyalty must lie with the principles that made our nation strong. We must stand for the Constitution, limited government, and personal responsibility. Many office holders have let us down because they forgot to put those ideals ahead of their own political self-interest. People become disillusioned because they see people run on one set of values only to morph into different people once they become mired in the slime of big money and beholden to the lobbyists. We owe it to our country to change those people. We all have a role to play in our own spheres of influence. Stay with me and you will see that at least one person is capable of putting principles over politics. Together, let’s improve the state we’re in!

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