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The only answer to our Nation’s problems is for people to get right with God.  To further that end, I have joined the Gideon Auxiliary.  Last week we went to Hollister, Missouri to distribute God’s word to three locations. 

This is a picture of us after we finished our distribution as we celebrated with lunch at College of the Ozarks.  We are sowing seeds and it will be exciting to see what God does next!  I am a full time caregiver for my elderly parents, yet we still have time to provide truth, moral clarity, and positive motivation to our community.

Realizing it’s been awhile, I wanted to get this letter and podcast out to you while we still can.  It feels good to hope that this Country will be turned around when the mid-term elections result in a red wave.  However, many people are still not willing to vote and election fraud is still a factor in many important races.  “Hoping for the best” is not a strategy!

Facebook notified us that it will not be allowing any political information after November 1st, so as to not sway people’s thoughts about the election (It’s okay to pause to laugh!). If that isn’t a sad statement on what they think about their users!  Are we in America so gullible or is it that we cannot handle truth anymore?

If you want to like or share this, we now have a sense of urgency.  We do NOT need permission to speak truth!  If we become fearful of persecution, we will limit sources where people can find truth.  This will only hasten our disintegration.  This is why we continue our newsletter and podcast.

Last week, a jury demanded a radio show host pay nearly one billion dollars because of something he said.  He later discovered his opinion was misinformed and apologized for that.   That was not enough for those who hate freedom of speech.  They want to send a message that they will shame, humiliate and break people financially if they dare to speak outside their narrative.  This verdict was designed to make an example to scare others into silence.  (Never mind all the times mainstream news sources were wrong about the Covid debacle.) 

On top of that, my Twitter account was permanently suspended.  It is a lifetime ban.  They will never allow me to post or make a new account for myself forever!  I have never used a swear word, posted naked pictures or called anyone a name.  Yet, Twitter thinks I am such a threat to people’s ability to think, they can’t allow me to have access to a forum that allows me to speak.  Let me assure you, if we can no longer talk to each other, this is persecution.

 As the Country darkens, it is more important than ever have trusted voices and messages of hope and clarity.  I appreciate each one of you for your support, encouragement and listenership of our show and newsletter.  

Is this newsletter and podcast helpful?


1.) Pray for us and all who are still standing for what’s right.  We must be brave, strong and clear, even as truth becomes more of a rarity.  

2.)  Share this newsletter with everyone you know who should care about the direction of our country.

3.)   Let me know, using the “Comment” button, if you still like getting our newsletter and if you have suggestions for our newsletter or a guest for our podcast.


How do we keep from becoming discouraged when the Country seems to be going the wrong way?  On our show today, we hear from Bob Parker, a wise sage and an experienced voice of reason from Southern Missouri.  Bob explains, in layman terms, how we got to where we are today and how to maintain a correct perspective going forward.  I hope you will leave with great ideas and feeling encouraged!

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  • Linda Farrar

    I received an email from you on the 18th of October, which I’m glad for. I have missed hearing from you.

    I’m happy to hear that your parents are in good, loving hands, and that you are still in the political loop as well.

    I’m thankful and encouraged by people that continue to run the race. I have great hope in our Victor, Jesus Christ.

  • ron

    where have you been….missed you…nice to hear from you again after a long time. being banned from twitter is like a badge of courage!

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