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Can the Republican Party be Saved?


Most of the Republican members of the House of Representatives have voted against Christian and Conservative values and have been given a free pass because they “voted with the Republican caucus”.  Some believe if the elected officials are “On the Trump Train”, they’re okay now.  This kind of thinking hinders our ability to scrutinize votes through the lens of the Constitution.

On our show today, we talk with Gary Welch, a former Republican Party strategist and opposition researcher.  He shares with us his insights on what it’s going to take to bring the Country back to living within the limits of the Constitution.

Darrell Castle – Just Wars and DACA


Today we have former candidate and the best attorney in the entire state of Tennessee, Darrell Castle.  Darrell has a weekly show called the Castle Report and is a student of world events.

We discuss what’s involved in declaring a war, how Donald Trump is doing and the proper way to deal with the children of illegal aliens.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into current events through this informal chat with former presidential candidate, Darrell Castle.  You can also learn more here:

Tila Hubrecht – Resigning from Office


A lot of people wish they could win an election.  Far more people run for office than the number who win an office.  That’s why it’s always surprising when someone does all the work to win and then resigns before the end of the term.

Today we interview Tila Hubrecht.  Tila was a state representative in Missouri where her motto was “I will work to keep government off your back and out of your pocket”.  Tila is a registered nurse specializing in hospice.  She recently moved to Washington State and comes to share her insights on healthcare and politics.

Janice Cantore – Retired Police Officer


Today we have a retired police officer from Southern California, Janice Cantore. Janice served in the Long Beach Police Department for 22 years and recently Janice authored a new book called, Crisis Shot (Book 1 in The Line of Duty series) Welcome, Janice!

You’ve seen a lot. We are living in hard times today for police officers. I never allowed my children to call them cops because I thought that was disrespectful. Now people are watching Youtube videos of all sorts of horrible behavior. I guess you don’t have to be a police officer to get the inside scoop on what’s happening. What is your impression of police work today?

The Wellness Revelation


On our show today, we talk with a fitness expert who shares some valuable information that will help all of us feel better.

Today we have the founder and author of the Wellness Revelation, Alisa Keeton.  Alisa is an expert on how we can lose what weighs us down so we can love God, ourselves and others.

Fitness is something you either love or avoid.  Regardless of what category  you’re in, we all can agree we will be more effective if we’re stronger and more energized.

Representative Mike Moon


Today, I’m going to introduce  you to a current Missouri State Representative, Mike Moon, who is brave, principled and honorable.  It takes one to know one.  On our show today, you’re going to gain some insights into what it takes to have integrity and how to have a clean conscience in the political world.

The purpose for a special session is to address urgent legislative necessities, yet most governors call these to showcase their positions and to provide political theater for lobbyists and political junkies.  As my friend, Mike Moon, was preparing to go back to Jefferson City, he recorded a video of himself butchering a chicken, which is what he does for his livelihood.  It caused a lot of excitement similar to some of the National sensation I experienced when I was in office.   You can watch it here.

Ray Comfort – Exit Interview


Anyone who watches politics is bound to experience depression at some point.  This show will help you learn how to beat your own low times and find ideas for pull yourself together when you’re feeling disappointed with life.

On today’s episode, we talk with Ray Comfort.   Ray is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best-selling author of more than 80 books, He co-hosts the television program “The Way of the Master.” He is also the Executive Producer of “180,” and “Evolution vs. God,”  Today we get to talk with him about his newest movie that just came out called “Exit.”

Our National Motto


On our show today we talk about our National Motto, In God We Trust.

It’s funny how some people freak out when they hear any trace of God. Our guest said he went into a public school near Halloween, he said he saw witches on brooms, Dracula with blood dripping from his teeth, zombies ghouls and goblins. He saw every ghost, but the Holy Ghost because He’s not allowed in. And you tell me none of that traumatized our children, but you think the National Motto will traumatize our children?

It’s time for us to stop being ignorant. The National Motto was designed to unify our Country. On our show today, you’ll hear why.

Today, we interview Rick Saccone. Rick currently serves in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Rick was born in 1958, served in the Air Force and was elected to the Pennsylvania House in 2010, where he is currently serving. If you want to learn more, you can go to or

Bernie Davis – The Back to Basics Story


Today we interview Bernie Davis. Bernie has had Back to Basics Christian Bookstore for nearly 30 years and shares with us some insights into the Christian Retail industry.

There is a time for everything and a season under heaven. When you listen to our show today, you will come away with a glimpse of what’s happening to retail in America and why Christian Bookstores all across our Country are closing. We’re going to share some untold stories and I think you’ll walk away encouraged by some of the lessons learned.

Tricia Williford – Confidence


The old expression is, when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade, but what do you do when life hands you Brussels sprouts? On today’s show our guest talks about how she survived widowhood and how you can be victorious over all of life’s surprises. Get ready for some encouragement.

Today we interview Tricia Lott Williford. Tricia is the author of a new book called You Can Do This – Seizing the Confidence God Offers. This is one episode I really enjoyed.

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