Philip Kwiatkowski – Pacific Garden Mission


Have you ever sat at a red light and watched someone standing in front of you with a cardboard sign saying, “Veteran” or “Pregnant” and wondered what you’re supposed to do?  On today’s show we visit with Paul Kwiatkowski, President of Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, Illinois, the oldest homeless shelter in the Country.


  • Tony Simms

    1994, Pastor Phil was like a brother to me. I looked up to him up. I shared with him my troubled childhood and the physical and mental abuse I endured at the hands of my mother. One day, he called me to his office, where he was sitting around with his buddies, to have me tell them what a low life whore my mother was, laughing it up. I was humiliated. I replied maybe he should talk about his own mother. He jumped up out of his seat and hit me in the face and knocked me to the floor. I refrained from giving him the beating he deserved because until that moment I considered him a man of God. He threw me out of the mission in the freezing cold and barred me. I rode the L for days to keep warm. I ran into him on the street later and reminded him how he had hurt me. He said I was beneath him and he owed me no apology. He was not the man of God I thought he was but I forgave him in my heart and moved on. I was saved at pgm May 23, 1993 by Richard Hunter. A big black man who himself was saved at pgm. Phil loved to humiliate this man, always calling him ugly and bragged how he got away with such cruelty. Richard could have snapped his neck easily if he had wanted to but continuously humbled himself because he loved the Lord. Pastor Phil could never hold a candle to Richard Hunter. Richard Hunter was more a man of God than Phil kwiatkowski on his best day.

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