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Our Nation is in the middle of a custody battle.  Both mom and dad are fighting over who gets the children.  It’s not over until the judges rule.  While we would all like to see this over, we can’t call it just yet.   Regardless of Joe Biden acting like he won, those closest to the epicenter know the election fraud is beyond anyone’s imagination.  Here are some examples from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

This fight is forcing people to study the Constitution.  As we study it more in depth, we are discovering that there are rules in place for how to handle this situation.  It appears that if the rules are followed, our current President, Donald Trump, will be fairly elected to a second term.

But the struggle is not about Donald Trump.  The fight is for fair and honest elections.  If we fail at this, we will fail as a fair and honest country.

Are you still hopeful?


1.)  Pray for Sidney Powell.   She’s up against the forces of unthinkable evil.  If people would cheat to win an election, they would not have a conscience about doing harm to her as well.

2.)   Listen to our podcast with Mary Grabar.  She wrote a book, Debunking Howard Zinn, about how our history is being distorted WITH PUBLIC FUNDING!
 You can find our latest podcast here.

2.) Keep the pressure up on your elected officials.  They need to know how important this is to you.  As elected leaders, they need to act in their official capacities to enforce the rules.  Ask them what they are doing to ensure fair elections.  If they think you don’t care, they won’t care.

3.)  The Home Front newsletter and podcast continues. Your involvement to fund our ongoing efforts, research and equipment will make a difference. If you want to continue to support us in this effort to promote integrity in government, you can mail your check to this address:

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Have you ever heard of the 1619 project?  Most public school students and teachers have.  It’s a publicly funded false narrative of American History.  Lies have no place in the classroom!  On our show today, we speak with Mary Grabar, an expert on what’s going on and what we can do about it.

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  • George Thompson

    The rules will not be followed since team biden believes in a living constitution which can be amended with malice towards everyone but them. Aided and abetted by their comrades in the stupid party (Ann Coulter’s term for Republicans who go along to get along with their disloyal opposition) such as Pierre Delecto (Mitt Romney) and Missouri’s own Roy Blunt (will somebody please challenge him in the 2022 primary?) every legal challenge opposing the creation of an office of the president-elect, will die a well timed death, leaving the most recent fraudulent vote count as the certifiable count. The final Electoral College vote tally will be a remarkable 953 for collusion Joe and a minus 666 for President Trump. CNN, MSNBC, The View, and the New York Times will sturm and drang repeatedly that obumaoh’s proxy has set a record that can never be beaten with a winning margin of 1,619 EC votes- the 1619 project in action, and why the first lady when a really awful video assassinated US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens; USFS officer Sean Smith; and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty was once more proud of her (?) country because her spouse now had a can’t lose proxy for a 3rd term: Killary Benghazi. Proven better than she at you can defraud enough of the people at election time because it’s who controls the computers-that-count that counts, he whom causes Dr. Jill to wish she was a real doctor and not a nurse maid to a doddering old fool has given the obamaomao crime family the opportunity to move its war office compound much, much closer to the White House. Since a historically proven fool-the-people ploy used by absolute monarchs at least since the time Pharoahs first ruled in Egypt was to false witness that the monarch be god, and you all must worship him (or her) or else, the only riddle I have not yet solves is who must we worship: Potus Emeritus oboingboing or Chairman Xi. Those wanting their children to learn a more honest accountng of American History than the bilge public school teachers’ unions vomit daily will be better served simply showing them videos of the old Mister Peabody’s Improbable History cartoons.

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