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Can the Republican Party be Saved?


Most of the Republican members of the House of Representatives have voted against Christian and Conservative values and have been given a free pass because they “voted with the Republican caucus”.  Some believe if the elected officials are “On the Trump Train”, they’re okay now.  This kind of thinking hinders our ability to scrutinize votes through the lens of the Constitution.

On our show today, we talk with Gary Welch, a former Republican Party strategist and opposition researcher.  He shares with us his insights on what it’s going to take to bring the Country back to living within the limits of the Constitution.

The Struggle for the Heart and Soul of our Country

A blast from the past:  This is a picture from 2011 of me with my kids, Philip and Susanna, in our bookstore the day the bumper stickers arrived!


Can the Republican Party be saved?  That’s a question a lot of people ask.  Here are some questions waiting for answers:

1.)  Why can’t the Republicans repeal Obamacare?
2.)  Why are the Republicans still funding Planned Parenthood?
3,)  Will we have real tax reform next year or more partisan “theater”?
4.)  If most of the Republicans claim to be fiscal conservatives, why does the budget continue to expand every year?

There are some good candidates running, but not nearly enough.  It’s frustrating watching a candidate start off fine and then end up abusing the power of the office.   Most voters place a “cult-like level of trust” in the competency of the ruling elite.  Continue reading

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Darrell Castle came to St. Louis in May for the Spring Meeting, so we were able to snap this photo!


I offer my condolences to all the people of Las Vegas.  The news cycle has been so dominated by hurricane coverage.  Yet, Las Vegas has suffered a greater tragedy in terms of the numbers of those dead and injured.  It certainly puts problems into a different perspective.

There is no way our government can function as an insurance policy against everything bad that could possibly happen to us.  We desire a government that can protect us and provide for humanitarian relief.  However, in reality, sometimes bad things happen.  Continue reading

Darrell Castle – Just Wars and DACA


Today we have former candidate and the best attorney in the entire state of Tennessee, Darrell Castle.  Darrell has a weekly show called the Castle Report and is a student of world events.

We discuss what’s involved in declaring a war, how Donald Trump is doing and the proper way to deal with the children of illegal aliens.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into current events through this informal chat with former presidential candidate, Darrell Castle.  You can also learn more here:

Tila Hubrecht – Resigning from Office


A lot of people wish they could win an election.  Far more people run for office than the number who win an office.  That’s why it’s always surprising when someone does all the work to win and then resigns before the end of the term.

Today we interview Tila Hubrecht.  Tila was a state representative in Missouri where her motto was “I will work to keep government off your back and out of your pocket”.  Tila is a registered nurse specializing in hospice.  She recently moved to Washington State and comes to share her insights on healthcare and politics.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

We recently had the kids over.  This is my clan with our children and grandchildren.  
Everyone says “Hi”!


Missouri seems to make a lot of national news for our ability to protest stuff!  Over the last few days people tried to disrupt our way of life and it prompted a lot of discussion about the freedoms we want to enjoy.

If those protesting would hold a prayer vigil for peace instead of hurting people, the outcome would be far different.   But these are not protesters.  These are criminals, communists,  anarchists and vandals. Continue reading

Janice Cantore – Retired Police Officer


Today we have a retired police officer from Southern California, Janice Cantore. Janice served in the Long Beach Police Department for 22 years and recently Janice authored a new book called, Crisis Shot (Book 1 in The Line of Duty series) Welcome, Janice!

You’ve seen a lot. We are living in hard times today for police officers. I never allowed my children to call them cops because I thought that was disrespectful. Now people are watching Youtube videos of all sorts of horrible behavior. I guess you don’t have to be a police officer to get the inside scoop on what’s happening. What is your impression of police work today?

Who Polices the Police?

Who Polices the Police

This is me in my O’Fallon citizens Police Academy Shirt with my badge.  It is the duty of the governing board to control their law enforcement officers.  Even more importantly, it is the duty of the police officers to know the oath of office, which is to uphold the Constitution.


There are good and bad employees in every profession.  In the case of police officers, we expect them to know the law, uphold the Constitution of the United States and earn respect by their just and honorable peace-keeping endeavors.

If you haven’t seen the story yet, an emergency room nurse was arrested for protecting her patient from an unlawful violation of the 4th amendment, which provides protection from an unreasonable search and seizure.  I’m shaken up just watching this. My sister is a nurse and it scares me to think of anyone hurting her for just doing her job. The appalling part is that other police officers just stood around and let her be manhandled by an abusive officer. I’m so glad for body cameras. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you really need to see this. Continue reading

The Wellness Revelation

The Wellness Revelation

What would a great dinner be like without the dessert course?

Lots of people say they feel better when they exercise.  I don’t.  I usually feel more tired and worn out when I’m finished.  In addition, I just lost one hour of my life.  Do you think exercise might be overrated?  We are the fattest nation in the world, yet we have more fitness centers, personal trainers and exercise classes available, so what’s up with that?  This should be enough to tell us something’s not working!

On our show today, we talk with the founder and author of the Wellness Revelation, Alisa Keeton.  Alisa is an expert on how we can lose what weighs us down so we can love God, ourselves and others.

Fitness is something you either love or avoid.  Regardless of what category  you’re in, we all can agree we will be more effective if we’re stronger and more energized. Continue reading

The Wellness Revelation


On our show today, we talk with a fitness expert who shares some valuable information that will help all of us feel better.

Today we have the founder and author of the Wellness Revelation, Alisa Keeton.  Alisa is an expert on how we can lose what weighs us down so we can love God, ourselves and others.

Fitness is something you either love or avoid.  Regardless of what category  you’re in, we all can agree we will be more effective if we’re stronger and more energized.

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