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Shrewd Samaritan – Bruce Wydick


On this episode, we interview Bruce Wydick.  Bruce is the professor of economics and international studies at the University of San Francisco and a research affiliate at the University of Notre Dame.  He recently wrote a book called, “The Shrewd Samaritan”.

How to Be a Shrewd Samaritan

This appears to be a common sight along our major thoroughfares.  Years ago, this was more rare.

I asked my friends for their thoughts and was surprised at how divided people are about this.  Some people always give them money with no questions asked.  Others never give them money because they have been told it only  makes the problem worse.  What is the right response?

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Graham Cole – Demons and Angels


Today we have Dr.  Graham Cole, dean and professor of biblical and systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

His new book is called  Against the Darkness:  The Doctrine of Angels, Satan and Demons.

Deliver Us From Evil

Last week, my daughter and I went to a Thrive event.  Thrive works to help mothers in difficult circumstances and save lives of the unborn in the St. Louis area.  They raised over a million dollars!  In the middle of all this chaos, it’s good to know there are some bright spots in our State!


An impeachment is an effort to undo an election.  According to the US Constitution, an impeachment is for “high crimes”, meaning something very serious, not for the purpose of playing silly partisan games.  In 1998, Nancy Pelosi told us that the reason we have an impeachment is because of the partisan hatred.   Listen to the words of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

While some people think this is about Republican vs. Democrat, it’s really about the “Establishment Elite” vs. “We The People”.  It’s not about “Left” vs. “Right” as much as it’s about good vs. evil.  We have one party that controls 1/6 of the National Government more concerned about disrupting our government than legislating.

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Getting Down to Earth

Probably few of you will dispute me if I say our culture is sliding downward. It used to be that we would have to be vigilant when we were out in public, especially in secular educational institutions, but now there are reasons to be concerned about the downward spiral inside some churches!

During this tumultuous time of more shootings, lawlessness, being overrun by people who don’t embrace the ideals of our Country, this is time for the church to stand up and preach the truth.  If you’re in a church that’s moving toward “Progressive Christianity”, you need to get out now!  There’s a dividing line between those who believe in the Bible and those who just want to have a cute little club where they feel affirmed.  Read this article to learn the signs:

The only way we will stabilize is if we go with the rules for civility found in the Bible.  On our show today, we have a guest who breaks down the parables of Jesus and helps us understand how to live meaningful lives.

Tom Hughes – Down to Earth


Today we have Tom Hughes.  Tom Hughes is the co-lead pastor of Christian Assembly in Los Angeles, California.  Tom also recently wrote a book called, Down to Earth – How Jesus’ stories can change your everyday life. 

Overcoming Evil with Good

The news of the recent reckless murders force us to ask “What is causing this?”  At the end of all the public debates, we still are left with a godless culture feeding a spirit of evil.

I condemn all the opportunists trying to use these tragedies to further their leftist agendas.  Violence stems from the heart and cannot be controlled by more laws.  If anything, these shootings prove that no government is capable of assuring nobody will ever get hurt by a deranged murderer.

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Overcomer – Chris Fabry


Today we interview Chris Fabry.   Chris is an award-winning author and radio personality who hosts the daily program Chris Fabry Live on Moody Radio. He is also heard on Love Worth Finding, which is where I became aware of him!  He and his wife have nine children and he just wrote the book, Overcomer. The book is the written form from the movie, Overcomer.

Waiting for Things to Change

As a Patriot, one of the hardest things we confront is watching our country deteriorate and not knowing what to do.  There’s no question that our character is waning, but the only hope is to keep being principled and communicate the truth with others.

Now I’ll tell you what I’m doing.  I’m expanding my Christian Bookstore.  I’m helping people find God.  I’m building the moral fiber of our Country because, without Christ, we’re only going to see things get worse!

On our show today, we talk about what to do while we wait, watch and hope for a better tomorrow.  I hope it encourages and inspires you.

What do you do to keep your hope alive during tough times?


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Tricia Lott Williford – Just You Wait


One of the hardest facts we’re confronting is watching our families, our culture and our  Country disintegrate before our eyes and dealing with the continual disappointment.   On today’s show, we encourage you to continue on and get  through the mucky times and show you what you can do while you’re waiting.

On this show we interview Tricia Lott Williford.  Tricia is the author of a book called, Just.You.Wait.  Tricia writes, blogs and speaks abo ut faith in the face of loss and hope when the miracle isn’t yours.

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