• Keep Doing the Right Thing

    The only answer to our Nation’s problems is for people to get right with God.  To further that end, I have joined the Gideon Auxiliary.  Last week we went to Hollister, Missouri to distribute God’s word to three locations. 

    This is a picture of us after we finished our distribution as we celebrated with lunch at College of the Ozarks.  We are sowing seeds and it will be exciting to see what God does next!  I am a full time caregiver for my elderly parents, yet we still have time to provide truth, moral clarity, and positive motivation to our community.

    Realizing it’s been awhile, I wanted to get this letter and podcast out to you while we still can.  It feels good to hope that this Country will be turned around when the mid-term elections result in a red wave.  However, many people are still not willing to vote and election fraud is still a factor in many important races.  “Hoping for the best” is not a strategy!

  • Keep Doing the Right Thing ~ Bob Parker


    How do we keep from becoming discouraged when the Country seems to be going the wrong way?  On our show today, we hear from Bob Parker, a wise sage and an experienced voice of reason from Southern Missouri.  Bob explains, in layman terms, how we got to where we are today and how to maintain a correct perspective going forward.  I hope you will leave with great ideas and feeling encouraged!

  • Let’s Talk America

    What’s going on in our military?  We are in the struggle for our lives!  I didn’t know it would come to the point where thousands of our military men and women, many on the brink of retirement, would be forced to pick between their careers and the basic human right of self-preservation. 

    This week, my son was on a nationwide show to discuss what is going on for our men and women in uniform.  



    Benjamin Davis shares his experience rejecting the COVID jab in the U.S. Air Force on a recent edition of “Let’s Talk America” with Dr. John Diamond.



    Sorry, it’s been a while, but we are still getting our technology in place to resume our regular schedule.  However, in the meantime, the world continues to change and I want to give you a quick update.

    Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling on the OSHA shot mandate, the partial victory was hollow.  The Supreme Court could have done a full stop to all businesses, medical establishments, and our military from ordering anyone to have anything invasive done to their body.  But it didn’t happen. 

    This Supreme Court decision was a loss for the right of a person’s conscience.  Religious and medical exemptions are being denied by rubber stamp.  This was a blow to our God-given right to decide what we insert into our bodies!

  • Churches for Life

    It seems like the world is getting darker every day, yet, there are ways to veer back onto the path.  Every year the state legislature gives the appearance of adding more pro-life laws, but if we don’t change the hearts of the people, women will go to another states to get abortions.

    Most public schools stopped teaching honor, character and morals long ago.  Now we have a generation that doesn’t understand right from wrong.  Some people see abortion as a political issue, but it’s a moral issue.

  • Liberty Revival

    Where is our natural instinct of self-preservation?  If something doesn’t change, tyranny is at our doorstep.  We must engage soon or we’re heading toward socialism and fascism.

    We cannot afford to let this decline continue on our watch!  The public schools have not been teaching much about the evils of Nazi Germany and other horrors that have happened to humanity under oppressive governments.

    The Tea Party movement had positive energy and good people trying to make a difference in their government.  However, it eventually gave way to apathy and acquiescence because outrage over the government behavior was not enough.  We were depending on politicians to solve our problems instead of God.

  • Covid Vaccine

    The first step is to quit calling it the “COVID VACCINE”.  It is NOT a vaccine.  It is an RNA therapy made up of synthetic pathogens.  It is being called a vaccine so that people will feel familiar with the concept.  A real vaccine keeps people from getting the disease and keeps people from spreading the disease.  This gene therapy does neither.  The only claim it makes is that it will decrease the severity of COVID.  Yet, we already have our ways of treating COVID without needing to take a dangerous jab.

    The most important point is to never make this mandatory.  If people don’t wake up and push back, our personal liberty of choice about medical procedures and treatments will evaporate.

    Here is a compilation of information so you can do your own research:

  • Covid Stimulus

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!”

    This last COVID relief bill is flagrantly off topic and a huge disappointment to us!  I am not in Congress, but if anyone in Congress wants to listen, here’s how I would write the “COVID Relief” bill:

    1.)  We need relief from oppression!  Let’s start there.  The governmental chains around our hands have caused great damage to businesses and individuals.  We need fewer laws, not more laws.  It is inappropriate for a government to destroy a small business and then throw some money at it thinking it can make it all better.

    2.)  Instead of sending out checks, we should have an “Income Tax Holiday”, so the citizens would get the same amount of relief, but without all the hassles and inaccuracies of printing and mailing checks.  Nothing would get lost and dead people would not receive anything.  Only those who are working would get the bonus.  It would put money into their bank accounts in the form of greater take home pay and help to “starve the beast”.  If the government has plenty of money to pass out, it certainly has too much money!