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  • Everett Puterbaugh

    I listened to your Jul 23rd podcast:
    1. The 1968 Gun Control Act, as amended is a watershed, though not necessarily the 1st. 2. I was told by a friend, several years ago, that I could buy a fully functional M-16 for the price of an AR-15 – even though, as a former felon, It is unlawful for me to purchase or “posses” a firearm, let alone get a license for full auto operation of such — criminals can easily “acquire” whatever arms they desire. 3. Mentally incompetent persons have guardians and often “staff”; This could be the decision on the “adjudged incompetent”. 4. 911 response is at least 3min. Those who would restrict guns will go for bladed weapons next (It is a felony in Italy to have a point on your knife), so what’s to allow us to keep our axes, hatchets and pocket knives? 5. For my opinion of “gun control” see the 1st e-mail I sent today — punish the action, not the possession. 6. “The Constitution can only work in a moral society” 7.Please note: according to the government, we have no rights or responsibilities or abilities (beyond paying taxes). 8. Why is it that when MO opens a new prison it closes a school? 9. WE (plural) cannot support a family on one pay check. 10. Thank you society. There are those who want US to be like Europe, we should send them there.

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