Gun Rights, Personal Responsibility and Missouri Amendment 5


Some people trust that it must be good because the legislature put it on the ballot.  Others are saying, “Not so fast.”

What does this amendment actually accomplish?  Find out as you listen in on this round table discussion of gun rights.

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    Everett Puterbaugh

    I listened to your Jul 23rd podcast:
    1. The 1968 Gun Control Act, as amended is a watershed, though not necessarily the 1st. 2. I was told by a friend, several years ago, that I could buy a fully functional M-16 for the price of an AR-15 – even though, as a former felon, It is unlawful for me to purchase or “posses” a firearm, let alone get a license for full auto operation of such — criminals can easily “acquire” whatever arms they desire. 3. Mentally incompetent persons have guardians and often “staff”; This could be the decision on the “adjudged incompetent”. 4. 911 response is at least 3min. Those who would restrict guns will go for bladed weapons next (It is a felony in Italy to have a point on your knife), so what’s to allow us to keep our axes, hatchets and pocket knives? 5. For my opinion of “gun control” see the 1st e-mail I sent today — punish the action, not the possession. 6. “The Constitution can only work in a moral society” 7.Please note: according to the government, we have no rights or responsibilities or abilities (beyond paying taxes). 8. Why is it that when MO opens a new prison it closes a school? 9. WE (plural) cannot support a family on one pay check. 10. Thank you society. There are those who want US to be like Europe, we should send them there.

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