How to Stop the Steal

As they used to say in the House of Representatives,  “Keep your powder dry!”  There is officially no winner of the Presidential election just yet.  The judicial system is dealing with this moment of national confusion.  We must remember that the media has no authority to declare a winner.  Anyone in America can deliver an acceptance speech!  

Let’s wait and see what happens next.  We could be into December before we have a final count and a true winner can be OFFICIALLY DECLARED.

The United States Constitution orders every state to hold an election for the President every four years.  However, it gives states the freedom in the details of how the election is conducted.  We’d like to presume the officials charged with the duty of conducting these elections are motivated by fairness and honesty.  Sadly, that is not true.

A few months ago, Nancy Pelosi announced that Donald Trump would not be president, “…one way or another.”  She knew already back then that the Democrats had a plan to remove the President from the White house.

We cannot correct a corrupt system if the people at the top are not committed to honesty and integrity.  They may advertise this when they run for election, but if they are more committed to the electoral success for their political party, their words are meaningless.

Many people think the President of the United States is the most important office, but it might be more important to look at other races.  We can’t have honest elections unless we have good Secretaries of State and good local Election Authorities.  If we elect corrupt people to those offices, we will never get principled people elected to other offices.  This is why local elections are so important!

Let’s strive to make our Country a place where it will matter less who is in the executive branch.  We had an opportunity to make a difference by voting, but what can we do to make it less important who is in the White House?  We need to take back our Country to a place where life, liberty and property are protected by our government. Maybe it’s time for another Tea Party!!!

What do you think of the election?



1.)  Call your legislators and tell them to insist on the rule of law be enforced.  We must demand that they are committed to election integrity.  The leaders in these controversial states need to take action now.  We cannot allow our system to be run by fraud and corruption.   There’s fraud on many fronts.  ALL POLITICAL PARTIES should have an equal commitment to transparency.  We were warned that it’s easy to cheat with mail in ballot.  The leaders are in control of the process and oversight.  There need to be consequences for destroying our Country.

2.) Stay informed.  Go to Stolen   for more ideas on what you can do to help keep this election honest.  Follow #StopTheSteal leaders and share the breaking information on the ground.  Mountains of evidence of fraud need to go viral.  If you’re on Twitter, use this hashtag to find some of the #StopTheSteal leaders.

3.)  PRAY!

4.)  The Home Front newsletter and podcast continues. Your involvement to fund our ongoing efforts, research, and equipment will make a difference. If you want to continue to support us in this effort to promote integrity in government, you can mail your check to this address:

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  • Dana Mosher

    Folks it is time for true peaceful protests. It is time the conservative people to come together and let our voices be heard like the demo-rats do all the time. Yes, I realize that we are the people who are typically working for a living and trying to be the best mothers and fathers we can be and usually don’t do the protest thing but we can not stand idly bye and let this happen. You know the other side would be burning cities to the ground (not advocating we do that) had Trump been shown victorious and you know they will if Trump is able to show the fraud and the race is overturned.

    We need to organize huge prayer rally as well and just on our own be in constant prayer for this president and our freedoms. Folks if not now when?

  • David G. Baugh

    Regardless of who wins the presidentiary of the U.S. government, as Christians, we are acting in flagrant violation of the first four commandments as well as the seventh by bowing in fear, worship, support, & dependence upon our own corporate fiction creature government image and mere humans we allow to run it who are rendering our Creator/Savior’s social, political, economic, environmental order & moral code of no effect! We have no one to blame but outselves for rejecting our only risen King, Savior, & Law-giver, here in His everlasting kingdom on earth, under His everlasting government on earth He established for us by His coming, death, burial, & resurrection in the first century, A.D.! Ya’ll better come out of your “strong delusions” and face reality! We, as the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel, now known as Caucasian Christians in our respective “multitude of nations” we have become, have succumbed to the antichrist influence of our antichrist Edomite adversaries identified in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 who have wrested control of both political parties, the media, and the U.S. government just as prescribed in Deuteronomy 28:15-68 for our failure & refusal to heed Deuteronomy 28:1-14, as is evidenced by what our society has become as aptly described in Romans 1:18-32! His everlasting kingdom on earth, under His everlasting government on earth He established for us by His coming, death, burial & resurrection is NOW AND FOREVER! He is our only God, and not the federal or state governments! We are their masters, not their servants, and they are our servants!

  • David G. Baugh

    Most professing Christian Americans have been caught up into false doctrines of men in social clubs erroneously called “churches” today which teach abd preach the judeochristian fallacy (an oxymoron) which denies the fact that Jesus Christ, by His coming, death, burial, and resurrection, redeemded us, back into His everlasting kingdom on earth, under His everlasting government on earth from our having been “divorced” (Jeremiah 3:8) and that we Christians must wait for Him to come again and do that which He has already done!

    Truth and reality is, He is patiently awaiting a sufficient remnat of us to come out of the “strong delusions” He has given us (II Thessalonians 2:11) and turn back to Him and free ourselves from this horrible yoke of bondage we’ve gotten ourselves into!

    I refer Ya’ll to my friend, Charlie Steward’s ministry and weekly radio messages:

    We Christians must unite and make the practical application of true Christiainity into our society and government thereby giving our Creator/Savior the honor and glory due Him as our early Christian American colonists did when they boldly declared they had “NO KING BUT KING JESUS!” and really mean it without compromise!

  • Bill

    I remember seeing Harry Truman holding up a newspaper. The bold headline on the front page, “DEWEY WINS”. So it’s not over just yet.

    I left a message for Ann Wagner, congresswoman second district, Missouri. I asked her to investigate $1200 stimulus payments to Pam Hupp and other incarcerated inmates.

  • Riley J. Hood

    I think this election was typical Democrat vote fraud. The Party of “Vote early and often” is at it again.

    The media is trying to declare the winner instead of the Electoral College. The media is not a co-equal branch of our Federal government, they are privation corporations with an overblown sense of their own imoprtance.

    America is in trouble, but remember, if you are a Christian, other people can’t vote you out of heaven.–RJH

  • Glenwood Lee

    I think if this election is not rectified and honestly doesn’t prevail then the great American experiment is done. Demonrats will never be stopped. SCOTUS had better get it right!!

  • David Luke

    Are you on PARLER ?? If so what is your handle? If not, get on it ASAP and get all your friends on it. They do not cnesor your posts. Use FTC rules. Doc Luke

  • Ronald Oglesby

    These acts by the Democrat Party are acts of Treason and they should be delt with acording to our laws specific to treason! Law exist to keep soceity safe and fair for all citizens not just power hungry Democrat elite.

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