Witches and Puritans


This picture is from when I visited the Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  We should all be inspired that they were willing to labor, sacrifice, and suffer for the cause of civil and religious liberty.  Wouldn’t they be surprised to see what we’ve turned it into today!

There’s a line in America the Beautiful that goes, “Who more than self, their Country loved.”  A group of people cared about loving their neighbors and communities and crowned their good with brotherhood.   Yet, today our Country is marred with selfishness and violence while political parties care more about grasping power than doing right.

My son was required to read a book for his English class that caused us to take a deep look into the Salem Witch Trials.  It surprised me how many parallels there are to today with hysteria, gossip, and bitterness.  The health of our society can be measured by how we value human life and the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”.

The Salem Witch Trials stopped when the pastors came together and said, “This is wrong!”  That can happen again today.

Eventually, the bad people will overplay their hands and their cover will be blown.  We can only hope that day will come when evil is exposed and we can live in peace and harmony.

Are you worried about the upcoming election?





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Today we talk with Dr. Paul Jehle.  Dr. Jehle is a renowned historian with the Plymouth Rock Foundation and the Pilgrim Institute.

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  • Bill

    I am not worried. It does no good to worry. I am disappoined in the political ads and disparagement. Instead of extolling ones virtues, many candidates choose “Mudslinging”. Using disparaging commentary often casts doubt on a canidates self confidence and ability.

  • Bill

    I just learned that a local acquaintence passed away this morning. A man younger than myself attended a dance event in Myrtle Beach with some 1,500 others from various states. This was last month in late September. There were some 100 Covid cases & 10 deaths reported from this event. He was taken off of a ventilator & passed away today. This makes four local people who I knew who have contracted the virus. Two survived & two died. Maybe this will convince others that this virus is very real and deadly.

  • William Gnuse

    I talked to a friend yesterday who tested positive for the Covid virus. He is high risk as an 85 year old. Fortunately, he is not having the most serious symptoms. If he continues this well he will be able to recuperate at home. He thinks he was infected at church in O’fallon. Several families reported testing positive at his church. This virus is very real.

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