Covid Vaccine

The first step is to quit calling it the “COVID VACCINE”.  It is NOT a vaccine.  It is an RNA therapy made up of synthetic pathogens.  It is being called a vaccine so that people will feel familiar with the concept.  A real vaccine keeps people from getting the disease and keeps people from spreading the disease.  This gene therapy does neither.  The only claim it makes is that it will decrease the severity of COVID.  Yet, we already have our ways of treating COVID without needing to take a dangerous jab.

The most important point is to never make this mandatory.  If people don’t wake up and push back, our personal liberty of choice about medical procedures and treatments will evaporate.

Here is a compilation of information so you can do your own research:

Dr Carrie Madjej Open your Eyes.  What makes us human?

Dr. Simone Gold discussing the injection

A lot of healthcare workers are refusing the vaccine.

We have to read news from other countries to be informed.  Norway 

There are fertility concerns.

Are  you going to take the COVID RNA therapy injection?



1.)  Understand why this vaccine has not been approved by the FDA yet.  Share this newsletter with your friends.

2.)  Listen to our podcast on vaccines.  We talk with Jennifer Barker and Christine Porter, founders of Informed Health Choice Missouri. 
 You can find our latest podcast here.

3.)  You may need to use a different search engine or social media platform to get the real information because YouTube and Facebook are blocking access to the facts that so not support their politically advantageous narrative.  There are groups out there, but you have to work harder to find them.


On our show today we discuss the Covid Jab with our guests, Jennifer Barker and Christine Porter, founders of Informed Health Choice Missouri.

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  • Bill

    The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine HAVE been approved by the FDA. The Johhnson & Johnson vaccine is expected to be approved soon. It requires only a single injection. There are other drug companies still doing clinical trials. Many thousands of people from various cultures and age groups test these vaccines as part of the Phase III clinical trials. There are new Covid variants from the U.K. and Africa. The Moderna drug claims effectiveness against these variants. I have registered to receive the vaccine (or whatever name you like to call it) in group 1b tier 2. I have not heard of any Covid death to those that have been vaccinated. More people have died from Reverend Jim Jones’s Cool-Aid than from the Covid vaccine.

  • George Thompson

    No, I have a natural aversion to anything any government, especially one led by the beneficiary of a very suspicious election who after a mere 6 days in office has set new standards for being the worst president ever. If this vaccine is the acclaimed miracle we seek, what’s the real reason it’s not labelled correctly? The use of RNA indicates those being punctured by this “benefit” are having something (maybe the COVID virus) that has been genetically modified pumped into them. I prefer to wait until this political miracle is proven beyond any doubt. However, I only decide for myself.

  • Bill

    I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at BJC three days ago. I didn’t feel it and had no side effects. I am scheduled to return 21 days later for the 2nd dose.

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