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The Wellness Revelation

The Wellness Revelation

What would a great dinner be like without the dessert course?

Lots of people say they feel better when they exercise.  I don’t.  I usually feel more tired and worn out when I’m finished.  In addition, I just lost one hour of my life.  Do you think exercise might be overrated?  We are the fattest nation in the world, yet we have more fitness centers, personal trainers and exercise classes available, so what’s up with that?  This should be enough to tell us something’s not working!

On our show today, we talk with the founder and author of the Wellness Revelation, Alisa Keeton.  Alisa is an expert on how we can lose what weighs us down so we can love God, ourselves and others.

Fitness is something you either love or avoid.  Regardless of what category  you’re in, we all can agree we will be more effective if we’re stronger and more energized. Continue reading

Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend

This is a picture of me with Mike Moon at a Wallbuilders Conference.


I remember during my first session how much I looked forward to going home when the session adjourned for the year.  Recently, the Governor called the General Assembly back to Jefferson City to pass more laws.  For those of you less familiar with the legislative calendar, the regular session starts the first week of January and is finished in mid-May.  The special session should be only used for emergencies, not political posturing!  

Special session are allowed for urgent legislative crises that require action before the session begins next year.  Yet, most governors call these to showcase their positions and to provide political theater for lobbyists and political junkies.  Any legislation passed during this special session could have been passed during the regular session.   Continue reading

Exit (a.k.a. Suicide)

Exit aka Suicide

This picture was taken at the Living Waters Studios.  From Left to right:  My Husband, Bernie, Me and Allen Atzbiwith, the General Manager.


Most of us remember the commercials, “Calgon Take Me Away!” and many “Southwest-WannaGet Away.”  Most people, if they are honest, would admit they have experienced moments of despair when they thought about taking a shortcut.

Death is sad enough because of the loss, but an intentional death is extra tragic.  Many of us were grieved to hear about the baby, Charlie Gard, and the couple who jumped off a building in the prime of their lives just this last week. Continue reading

In God We Trust

In God We Trust

This is a picture of me with Representative Rick Saccone.  We met at a Wallbuilders Conference a few years ago.


Have you ever given much thought to our National Motto, “In God We Trust”?  It’s funny how some people freak out when they hear any trace of God, yet it’s written on all of our currency!

In God We Trust

In my conversation with Representative Rick Saccone, he told me he went into a public school near Halloween; he said he saw witches on brooms, Dracula with blood dripping from his teeth, zombies ghouls and goblins.  He saw every ghost, but the Holy Ghost because He’s not allowed in!  And you tell me none of that traumatized our children, but you think the National Motto will traumatize our children? Continue reading

Here’s the Scoop!

Bernie Davis - The Back to Basics Story

This is a picture of us in our bookstore.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you for so many years!


This is probably the most difficult newsletter I’ve had to write.  Thank you for your encouragement and for your faithful support for us.  Over the last 30 years, the message of Back to Basics Christian Bookstore has seen lives saved, marriages repaired, prisoners restored, suicides called off, addicts freed and thousands of people have found Christ.

We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to take care of you!  It’s hard to admit the struggle, but the internet, changing media formats, consumer buying patterns and publisher price erosion have caused tremendous havoc in our industry.

We have a heart to continue and would be overjoyed to be able to find a way to keep Back To Basics Christian Bookstore in the community.  At this point, we’re looking to leave our home of 33 years unless there’s a Divine Intervention. Continue reading

How Safe Are You?

This photo was taken at the Christian Booksellers Convention a few years ago.   I don’t really play the guitar.  I play the piano, but it’s easier to pick up a guitar than to lug around a piano!

The big story on Facebook was about all the people who don’t want you to accept a friend request from someone who will hack your email.  Yet, although this was proven to be a hoax, it shows  that the concern is real.

Surprisingly, this far after the election, allegations of Russian hacking is still a hot topic  Does anyone else get tired of hearing about how Russia interfered with our elections?  We can all agree that hacking computers is not honorable.  However, it amazes me to hear the mainstream media express outrage as if the Russians are the single source that made Donald Trump the President of the United States.

To clear up any confusion, the outcome in every election is a result of the votes cast.  The most we are hearing is that the Russians hacked into computers.  If the Russians camouflaged themselves as illegal aliens so they could stuff our ballot boxes with Trump votes, I could understand how people could feel our elections were tampered.  However, that didn’t happen. Continue reading

Take Comfort

Take Comfort

This photo was taken at the Living Waters Headquarters in Bellflower, California.   Ray Comfort, Founder and CEO, presented me with a “Way of the Master” cap.  


The old expression is “Good publicity or bad publicity…it’s all the same just as long as you spell my name right!”  How can we expect to make a difference in the world if nobody knows who we are or what we are doing?  Some people spend all their time consumed with “busy work” – one that consumes quantities of time or just amuses.  But what if the goal is to impact the culture?

Many people are silenced or ineffective because they are afraid of being ridiculed.  That never stopped me and it didn’t stop Ray Comfort either.  When he was mocked by the Atheists, he only increased in popularity.  We can all learn some lessons from him. Continue reading

Every Job is an Opportunity!

This is a picture I snapped when my daughter arrived home
from her first day of work at Chick-Fil-A

All kids should do chores and get jobs.  Whether it’s volunteering or for a paycheck, there are so many lessons and character development opportunities that only happen when meaningfully employed.

The fact that so many people support government mandates on how much employers pay their staff is a cause for concern.  It also shows how poorly most people understand economics.  Every time minimum wage goes up, it hurts the most marginalized employees, especially teenagers and costs  them opportunities. Continue reading




I took my daughters to Chicago last week.  Chicago is the economic engine of the Midwest!  I lived there for nearly 13 years and am still amazed by the volume of people, the places to see—and the traffic!!!

An old expression is, “Money Talks —  It always says ‘goodbye’!”

The stock market is higher than ever and real estate prices are still going up.  There’s no question that Donald Trump’s economic agenda has allowed the economy to be more optimistic.

As a result, Donald Trump just had his first meeting with his full cabinet last week.   Here’s an example of the questioning nominees are getting from some members of the Senate.  It shows that some of the Democrats like the idea of a religious litmus test.  If a person is a Christian, he need not apply for anything. Continue reading

Being Held Hostage

This is an authentic picture of Martin and Gracia Burnham
with Muslim Terrorists holding them as hostages.

The Philippines is considered the only Christian nation in Asia.  About 86% of the Philippines is Catholic and only 5% Muslim, yet the Philippines is suffering from frequent attacks on Christians and we’re hearing very little of it in the mainstream news.  Islam has shown the world a level of evil that’s beyond anything imaginable.

These are not isolated moments of savagery.  Nearly every day there are unthinkable atrocities that prove there are lower levels of Islamic horror and wickedness.  Today’s story is about 19 girls that were burned alive.   The Islamic sympathizers’ goal is to sabotage our way of life by dismantling our Constitutional protections. Continue reading

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