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What’s A Sex-Ed “Sit Out”?

This is a picture of me with my husband and newest grandchild.  It’s up to us to do whatever we can to help the generations to follow.


It’s remarkable what we can accomplish when we band together to help each other.  Many parents have tried going to school board meetings, tried to elect more “family-friendly” school board members and tried political activism, but these techniques have rendered little more than temporary placation.  Many parents will get a token pat on the back or a lecture on how to get used to it.  It’s heartbreaking to watch the sex ed curricula in public schools destroy a child’s conscience, not knowing what we can do.

Schools harm children when they promote sex education that is opposite from good morals and family values.  Most sex ed curriculum teaches homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity and “all things deviant” to the most innocent citizens among us.  It is a crying shame and we must fight back! Continue reading

What’s In The Pledge

This is me with my son, Philip. He does a good job of making me think!


This week in church we sang, “Jesus Lover of My Soul”.  On the way home from church my son asked me, “What does that mean to fly into someone’s bosom?”  A few weeks ago we sang “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name” and he asked me, “What does that mean when an angel’s prostate falls?”  When we recite words by rote memorization, it’s easy to disregard the meaning.

I’m glad a 14-year-old boy is paying that much attention to what the adults are saying.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone thought about what we are doing instead of blindly accepting the status quo?

One of the reasons we have our Country today is because independent thinkers considered the situation with the Motherland and decided it was time to go a different direction.  There’s a time to conform to the norm and there’s a time to shake off the old ways when they no longer reflect reality or are no longer meaningful.

Continue reading

Kids and Guns

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Celebration.  We spent it with our parents, children and grandchildren.


The battle for our freedoms will happen in our living rooms and dining rooms.  We will reap what we sow.  Many of us knew the culture was changing, but we may not have realized the implications until the next generation gets in control of the Country.

Never was this more obvious than observing the events of this year.  Would we ever believe law enforcement officers would fail to enter the building to protect the kids?  Would we ever believe a shooter could walk out of the building and buy a drink at a local sandwich shop before anyone removed him from the streets?  Would we believe some students, instead of protesting the failure of law enforcement to protect them, would be staging protests and walkouts to fight against their own Constitutional right to bear arms? Continue reading

“Omnibus” or “Off the Bus”?

Jill Noble, Bev Ehlen and me at the American Renewal Conference in Kansas City.


Lots of people are unhappy with the latest spending bill that just passed in Washington DC.  Here are a few comments from some of my friends:

“Shame on President Trump and the Republican majority. This omnibus spending bill is a disgrace to the very voters that sent them to D.C. to change course and drain the swamp. This spending bill is just more of the same. This proves again there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Rs and Ds in Washington. We can make a difference!” ~ Jim L.

“I’m tired….it’s been 11 years I’ve given to giving a s#$! about this country. I put my faith in Ron Paul, the Revolution, the Libertarians, the Conservatives…. Donald Trump and MAGA. 11 years 2007 – 2018. Going to put my energy into living out my days with what’s left of this country. I put my family in debt for this country. I’ve sacrificed more hours than I can count. I kept putting faith and believing in myself & others that we could save America from ending. But it’s a fix — Agenda 2030 is in full force. Call me if you see a shred of evidence that this is not happening. Until then peace out. Getting my nails done.” ~ Gigi B. Continue reading

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Here’s a picture of me our guest, Lisa Pannett and a few other great activists!


We all want to have a great Country.  But what are we supposed to do when our elected officials go awry?  So many present themselves as caring about our issues when they are candidates, so how can there be such a remarkable transformation after many of them get into office?

How can we hold them accountable?

On our show this week, we talk with one of our favorite citizen lobbyists, Lisa Pannett.  She shares with us from her vast experience of holding legislator’s “feet to the fire”.

Here are my suggestions: Continue reading

The Hook Up Culture

We recently took our kids on a tour of College of the Ozarks. 
This picture was from the museum where they have a lot of stuffed wild animals. 
While these animals are no longer dangerous, it serves as a reminder
of how many predators are out there waiting to pounce on our children.


We’ve been sold a lie. Individuals, families, and churches have suffered great harm from the sexual revolution.  The internet has only intensified the ease and speed with which perverts, naive lonely people, and morally bankrupt people can find each other.

We have to shield our kids from as much as we can, but the culture is not supportive of traditional families or traditional values.  It’s to the point where the more bizarre or deviant the lifestyle is, the more “cool” it is regarded. Continue reading

The State of the Insurance Industry

We went back to our old family homestead and took a photo with our Aunt Wilma and Uncle Donald. They still sleep every night in the same bedroom where he was born! This was back when people paid for their own medical services and when medical expenses were affordable to most people.


Having insurance is a lot like gambling.  However, with gambling, you win if you win.  With insurance, you win if you lose!  Or if you lose, you win!

Where else do people purchase a product they hope will never be used?

Now that Obamacare has had several years to percolate through the masses, we have ridiculously high premiums and still millions of folks who are uninsured.  Wasn’t the purpose of the program to eliminate the uninsured?

When the Democrats were in the majority and Obama was the President, we called it “Obamacare”.  Now that Obama is out of office, and the Republicans are financially supporting the program, calling it “Obamacare” just doesn’t seem to fit.   Continue reading

What’s Feminism Doing for Women?

This is a picture of me with our guest, Stephen Baskerville.


My son asked, “Mom, what is feminism?   Is it when people think females are better than men?”  It amazes me when kids put concepts together so much better than adults.

Why don’t we ever hear about a “masculinism” movement —  something equal and opposite of feminism?   The further away our culture moves from the Biblical standard, the more we will have messed up laws, messed up homes and a messed up Country.

We can’t create equality for women by making new laws.  We can only foster understanding by pointing to the foundation of respect, love, and civility.

“Faith in Christ Jesus is what makes each of you equal with each other, whether you are a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a free person, a man or a woman.”  ~  Galatians 3:28 Continue reading

School Shooting Solutions

Last week I spoke at the Constitution Party meeting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with some amazing people.  We had such a great time with sweet fellowship.  I wish you all could have been there.


There’s been plenty of analysis of the school shooting in Florida last week.  Some of it is helpful, but much of the mainstream commentary is slanted.  Big government proponents seek to use this tragedy to advance a political agenda to grow governmental bureaucracies, justify more National intrusion, reduce personal responsibility and erode our second amendment.

The worst ideas focus on treating the symptoms, not the real problems.  To find the right answers, we must look at the root cause.  Some people blame guns, psychotropic drugs, adoption issues, Asperger’s Syndrome, and lack of school-provided law enforcement.

However, I have not heard anyone talk about what schools teach students.  My daughter was required to read “The Most Dangerous Game” about someone who hunted other human beings.  The year before she was required to read, “The Hunter and the Hunted”, which was just as bad.  Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day — It’s about love.  Not just for couples.  We can all love each other.


In all these political debates, I’m hearing a lot about ideology, but little about how we are going to be a more kind, loving and virtuous Country.  The way to change the Country starts with us changing our own lives and families.

On our show today, we talk with authors of a book on marriage called, Enter the Ring—Fighting together for a Gospel Saturated Marriage.  This book is written to explain how millennials view marriage with a different perspective from other generations.  Listen and learn.  I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

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