Nick Neuberger – Locke and Smith Award

Locke & Smith 150
Rep. Cynthia Davis, 2010 Locke and Smith Award winner

Do you care about the legislation being passed in your state? In this edition of Home Front Nick Neuberger shares with us his story of how he got involved and how with a simple tool we can all create some accountability.

The Locke and Smith Foundation has a system whereby they rate the votes and bills in the Missouri legislature on how they match up with the Constitution.  How Constitututional did your legislator vote last year? Track the bills and your legislator’s performance using Nick’s Vote Track app that brings the research of the Locke and Smith foundation to your iPhone (coming soon to Android and possibly other states as well). Follow the progress of Vote Track on Facebook at

Listen to learn how you can prevent your elected officials from trying to  bamboozle you and how you can make your voice heard!

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