Pearl Harbor Survivor Jim Downing


Today we have an interview with 103 year old Pearl Harbor survivor, Jim Downing. Jim was born and raised in Missouri. He’s a World War II Veteran and was stationed in Pearl Harbor during the attack. His new book that just came out is called, The Other Side of Infamy.

Out of the 16 million World War II Vererans, there are only a little over half a million still living today. Soon it will be impossible for us to get to visit with someone who can tell us first hand what it was like. On today’s show, we talk with one of the few survivors left who was stationed in Pearl Harbor during the attack. We owe it to our history to glean a few more gems of wisdom from someone who was there.

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  • Hickman Ewing Jr.

    I am reading Jim Downing’s book and found your site via Google. I was in the Navy (Vietnam era) and my Dad was in the Navy in WWII. He was born in 1912, the year before Jim Downing. He and my mother had 6 children, including twins in WWII – as did Jim and Morena. My Dad went to be with the Lord in 1996. Jim’s abiding in Christ in the midst of war, changes in assignments, etc. are an inspiration. Thank you for the article and your public service.

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