• In Search of Liberty


    Some people think the Constitution is so academic that it must be boring.  But it’s not.  There are many interesting ways of explaining the principles by which our Country operates.  On today’s show you will learn some creative ways to explain the Constitution to others.

    On today’s show we interview Norm Novitsky.  Norm is an independent filmmaker, producer, director and founder of BluNile Films, IC Freedom Pix and IC Liberty Films and producer and director of the movie, “In Search of Liberty”.

  • Mother’s Day and the Constitution

    This is a picture of me with my mom.  I’m grateful to still have her around. If you still have a mother, make sure you do something special to honor her this weekend.


    The commercial goes, “They go together in the good old USA, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.”  I’ll add Mother’s Day and the US Constitution to the list.

    Some things should never be changed.  Many of us share a common angst over the direction our Country is headed.  We may be able to agree on the problem, but there is a huge difference in how we approach the cure.

    Changing our Constitution won’t fix our struggles and will only make them worse.  An effort is underway to alter our Constitution.  Those proposing a Convention of the States think if we have different laws it will make our Congress behave better.  There are some good people pushing this idea and while they may not expect harm to come, they’re taking a gamble on our future.  The most charitable way to treat this issue is to understand the naivete in which the proponents are submerged.

  • Constitutional Issues with Rep. Matt Shea


    On our show today we talk about what it means to be Constitutional, what happens inside state legislatures, the Johnson Amendment, what churches are supposed to do.

    As an added bonus, you’ll get to hear what we should think of the next US Supreme Court nominee.

    Instead of doing the 501 c 3, try looking into the 508 c 1 a.

    Today we interview Representative Matt Shea. Matt is from the Washington State Legislature and has just been elected to be the Chairman of the Republican Caucus.

  • Hear What the Old Judge Has To Say


    Today I bring you Justice Thomas Brennan, who served as the Chief Justice of the Michigan State Supreme Court.

    We talk about our Constitutional rights, what it takes to win a nomination and the impact of US supreme court decisions. You can find out more at JudgeBrennan.com

    In 1966, Governor Romney, urged him to run for the nomination of the Republican Party as Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Brennan won the nomination, and the election. In 1969 and 1970, Brennan served as Chief Justice, the youngest Justice to serve on the Michigan Supreme Court.

  • The Convention of the States

    This Saturday, July 18th, Concerned Women for America is hosting a debate on the Convention of the States.  If you are interested in understanding this issue, you'll want to come to The Freedom Center to watch, ask your own questions and learn.  Details are in the "What You Can Do" Section.
    This Saturday, July 18th, Concerned Women for America is hosting a debate on the Convention of the States. If you are interested in understanding this issue, you’ll want to come to The Freedom Center to watch, ask your own questions and learn. Details are in the “What You Can Do” Section.

    A lot of people like our US Constitution—myself included! It was the best our Country could do to reflect the agreement of the citizens.

    Some people don’t like our Constitution because it limits the expansion of government. There are a few current elected officials who want to promote Fascism, globalism or a one-world government, but they must first get rid of several parts of the Constitution. A popular philosophy is to flatten our Country so that we will be on the same plane with other nations, but that seems impossible since our Constitution acknowledges that people have foundational rights.

    Left to their own ideology, it will take a long time to unravel the fabric of our society. The US Supreme Court has accelerated the rate of erosion in parts of the US Constitution by usurping the legislative process. However, the process could be expedited far more quickly if we just altered the Constitution.

  • The Bill of Rights Analysis


    What do you know about the Bill of Rights? Today I interview Cecily Wright from Spokane, Washington. Cecily and John Wright run the Northwest Grassroots organization which hosts a monthly “Movie Night”. http://www.northwestgrassroots.com/

    Don’t think the Tea Party movement is dead. They still get between 50-100 citizens coming out to their local meetings hungry to hear the truth about the foundations of our nation. There’s hope!

    In this episode you will hear an analysis of the first 10 amendments and how the current laws being passed by congress are trampling on these rights.

    Anyone can understand if you want to listen and learn. Let’s get a grip on our birthright before we lose it!

  • Darrell Castle 2014 in Review


    We have a real treat for you on today’s episode of Home Front. I interview Darrell Castle and he surprised me with some of his comments.

    We talk about where things went awry in 2014, but we also paint a picture for you of what could happen to correct our problems. Don’t lose hope! Listen and learn about Obamacare, Muslims, Cuba, and thoughts on running for president as we look at 2014 in review.

    What “fundamental changes” from last year have indelibly altered the course of history? Ready for some more history in the making? In this episode you can hear from the lips of Darrell Castle what he thinks was the worst and the best of 2014 and what we should expect to happen in this next coming year.

  • Dr. Herb Titus – What is a “Natural Born” Citizen and can Barack Obama be Impeached?


    Can Barack Obama be impeached?  How can the Constitution be fixed?  In this episode, with Constitution and Common Law scholar, Dr. Herb Titus, we learn the correct definition of “Natural Born Citizen”.

    Dr. Titus earned his JD degree Cum Laude from Harvard and a BS in Political Science from the University of Oregon from which he graduated Phi beta Kappa. He is a prolific writer and speaker. If I went on to name all his books and accomplishments, we would rob ourselves of time to listen to his wisdom.  www.Herbtitus.com

  • Nick Neuberger – Locke and Smith Award

    Locke & Smith 150
    Rep. Cynthia Davis, 2010 Locke and Smith Award winner

    Do you care about the legislation being passed in your state? In this edition of Home Front Nick Neuberger shares with us his story of how he got involved and how with a simple tool we can all create some accountability.

    The Locke and Smith Foundation has a system whereby they rate the votes and bills in the Missouri legislature on how they match up with the Constitution.  How Constitututional did your legislator vote last year? Track the bills and your legislator’s performance using Nick’s Vote Track app that brings the research of the Locke and Smith foundation to your iPhone (coming soon to Android and possibly other states as well). Follow the progress of Vote Track on Facebook at www.facebook.com/votetrack

    Listen to learn how you can prevent your elected officials from trying to  bamboozle you and how you can make your voice heard!