• Dave Cort on the Proposed Article V Convention


    Are you concerned about the erosion of our US Constitution?  The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches don’t seem to be concerned about it.  What options are available to the states to wrestle back control?  The Article V Convention is an idea being floated around the state legislatures whereby the states would get together and propose changes to our constitution.  Do you like that idea or not?

    Tonight we have an extra special guest, Dave Cort, founder of the Missouri Grassroots Radio Network.  Dave has studied this question and has some thoughts to share with us on how an Article V Convention can happen and why it should happen.  If you have an opinion on the idea of making changes to our constitution, you need to listen and are guaranteed to learn.

  • A Convention of the States

    A Convention of the States
    Last week at the performance of the St. Charles County Christian Home Educators Bel Canto Choir. This is a photo with Tracey Sutton at the Twin Oaks Estate in O’Fallon. We were greeted by a wonderful audience of residents, and they enjoyed hearing our Christmas songs.

    One of the best parts about the Christmas season is the opportunities to get together with others.  While most of us are spending our energies baking cookies, singing carols and shoveling snow, some state legislators are thinking about how to protect our country from the constitutional abuses we are seeing from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government.

    While the news media outlets have been carrying plenty of stories of how our congress continues to make bad decisions, most of us can only feel disappointed and frustrated.  So far, the only remedy we have been offered is to change our elected officials whenever they come up for election again.  Another election occurs, they get reelected, and we end up with another term of disappointment and frustration.