Vaxxed – Del Bigtree


On our show today, you will gain some insights into what’s really behind this epidemic and who you can trust. We also offer some ideas that will give you the courage to listen to your own common sense.

Today we interview Del Bigtree, producer of the documentary Vaxxed. He is investigative medical journalist. For six years Del was an producer on a daytime talk show called, The Doctors.

He also did an exposé on how some governmental agencies have wrongly removed children from their parents. Del comes to us to discuss his movie which is about to be released on DVD shortly. Learn more at


  • Stan Jaggars

    I could not be more sure that vaccination is responsible for autism. I saw a good friends 3 year old grandson go from a normal child to a severally austic child almost overnight! They were giving him allergy shots with mercury preservative in it. This happened about 12 years ago.
    Stan Jaggars
    Agency, Mo.

  • Bob

    This information is so important that I shared it with my email list, which included my chiropractor, Dr. Karl Smith, of University Chiropractic here in Spokane Valley (to put in a plug). He replied with the following additional information which I found very interesting.

    “The more you research it the clearer it becomes.  Recent studies are showing a connection between Tylenol and Vaccines leading to Autism.  The mechanism is this.  Tylenol blocks your production of Glutathione.  Glutathione is the body’s master detoxifier.  One of the problems of vaccines is they have to be laced with heavy metals.  Heavy metals stay in your system forever so the vaccine binds to the heavy metal and that is why the immunity persists.  Without heavy metals, immunity would only last for a few days.  They used to use mercury, now they use aluminum – lots of sources say that aluminum is even worse than mercury.  So…  Glutatione is responsible for helping you to deal with heavy metals.  Tylenol is supposedly “safe for children” so a lot of Pediatricians advise “sometimes kids get fussy with vaccinations so if you want to give them some Tylenol before their visit they will probably do better.”  They take Tylenol, shut down their Glutathione production then get injected with heavy metals directly into the blood stream.  This causes swelling in the brain with no mechanism to deal with it.  The swelling continues, usually associated with an uncontrollable high pitched scream.  Next thing you know brain deficits show up in the form or Autism, ADD, ADHD and in extreme cases SIDS.”

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