This is our "First Day of School" photo, in case you wondered what we look like at the crack of dawn.  Nothing like a renewed external regimen to put our family back into the Central Standard Time zone!
This is our “First Day of School” photo, in case you wondered what we look like at
the crack of dawn.  Nothing like a renewed external regimen to put our family back
into the Central Standard Time zone!

Few topics are more personal and controversial than the topic of whether to vaccinate your child or not.  The purpose of this newsletter is not to alienate or advocate, but to provide information.

During my first term in the House of Representatives, people started questioning whether vaccines caused autism or not.  We all knew that autism was on the rise. Most legislators, even with the Republicans in charge, reacted to the increase in autism by pushing for more government programs and insurance mandates. Historically, the Republican Party advertised itself as siding with smaller government, (unless an issue has the potential of generating votes and money—then it can use the issue for leverage.)

It’s always better to approach problems by trying to find the root cause.  All parents would much rather not have a child with autism than to have the government crafting more “big government programs” and forcing others to pay for the aftermath.

A vaccine injury fund, set up by our government, pays out settlements every year. This is an admission that people are being harmed by vaccines.

Curiously, the rise in vaccinations correlates with the rise in “big pharma”.   Our grandmother’s generation used to say, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.  Often times when we try to fix something that’s not broken, we end up breaking other things.

Another adage from yesteryear is, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  That presumes there is a cure!  Sadly, if a family member is damaged by a vaccination, there is no “undo button”.

Our guest on Home Front this week, Del Bigtree, is the producer of an in-depth documentary, Vaxxed.  We discuss what’s in those vaccinations besides the viruses and the inner-workings at the Center for Disease Control.

Let me know your thoughts on vaccinations by leaving a comment below.

I hope I can encourage all of you to stay the course. Forward and promote my newsletter to others who need to know there is a better way.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we fight to take America Back!


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Vaxxed 2

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  • Marshall Saye

    Guess we would have to weigh off the dramatic decreases if not elimination of diseases like measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, etc against the limited increases in the number of cases of autism.

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