• Aching Joy with Jason Hague


    You’re probably just like me.  I’m trying to do everything within my power to make the world a better place, but sometimes, things still turn out badly. What do you do when you face disappointments? How are we supposed to find joy even when life doesn’t make sense?

    On our show today we talk about what happens, when life hands us lemons. I interview Jason Hague, author of Aching Joy.  Jason is a pastor and blogger from Western Oregon.  He comes to us to share how to understand some of life’s more perplexing problems.

  • Vaxxed – Del Bigtree


    On our show today, you will gain some insights into what’s really behind this epidemic and who you can trust. We also offer some ideas that will give you the courage to listen to your own common sense.

    Today we interview Del Bigtree, producer of the documentary Vaxxed. He is investigative medical journalist. For six years Del was an producer on a daytime talk show called, The Doctors.

    He also did an exposé on how some governmental agencies have wrongly removed children from their parents. Del comes to us to discuss his movie which is about to be released on DVD shortly. Learn more at www.vaxxed.com

  • Vaccinations

    This is a photo of the packaging for a flu vaccine.   You may notice that some of the listed ingredients are mercury and formaldehyde.
    This is a photo of the packaging for a flu vaccine. You may notice that some of the listed ingredients are mercury and formaldehyde.

    America was founded by people who understood personal responsibility. Regardless of how you feel about the idea of vaccinating yourself, the tone of disdain and disrespect for those who choose to not vaccinate is unsettling.

    The debate appears to center around vaccinations, but it’s really more about respect for others, especially respect for the right of parents to make the choice for their own children. Whenever government uses the power of the iron fist to shame some for their personal choices, we have a problem..

    The animosity appears to be between the “Pro-Vaxxers” and the “Anti-Vaxxers”. It may help you feel some compassion to know that the majority of those opposed to forced vaccinations have faced a personal tragedy with their own children or a close friend or relative.

  • Vaccinations


    In today’s episode of Home Front you will hear some little known dirty secrets about what is inside vaccinations and what is in your elected officials.

    Dr. Mary Ann Block is one of this nation’s leading experts on vaccinations and she is here today to clear away some of the confusion about whether vaccinations are good or bad.

    This show will inform you about vaccinations. Don’t wait until you have a tragedy in your family to find out the amount of risk you are taking.