Why Run for Office?


On our show today, you get an insider’s glimpse from a Congressional candidate, Paul Berry III.

He speaks the truth and gives us what we need to know about the political dynamics in play this next election cycle.

You’ll catch some insights into how the government is heading the wrong way and what we are doing to set the country on a new course.

You can learn more at www.BerryForMissouri.com (coming soon) or Paul’s Facebook page.

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  • Bob

    Thank you Mr. Berry for stepping into the public forum to represent the views and values of the Christian, conservative and constitutionally minded people who otherwise go unrepresented. I appreciate your service to the cause, but will differ with you on one point.

    You assume that the listeners are Republicans and urge that we need to “build our party,” or words to that effect. I would point out that not all Christians and Constitutionists are Republicans, nor are they willing to associate with that entity. As you acknowledged in the interview, the Republican Party consistently misses every opportunity to stand up for conservative values, never gives any support to Biblically and Constitutionally sound candidates and never misses an opportunity to stab its conservative base in the back.

    I would suggest that instead of building, or in any way supporting the Republican Party, we need to seek out and support those individual candidates who truly represent our values. Support the candidate who honors God, upholds the Constitution and contends for liberty whether they run as R, D, independent or third party.

    In my book, the Republican Party has become an enemy of our constitutional republic and I will give it no aid nor comfort. My time, talent and resources will be reserved for individuals like yourself and Cynthia Davis who do speak for me.

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