Tim Oliver – Gun Permits and Concealed Carry Laws


Are you suffering for hoplophobia? What do you think about guns? In this edition of Home Front, Tim Oliver talks with us about Hoplophobia, gun permits and the laws pertaining to where you can carry. Stay tuned as we ask probing questions and hear rock solid answers from a former law enforcement officer.

Tim Oliver teaches courses for the Missouri concealed carry weapons permit and also teaches advanced concealed carry and an urban rifle course. Missouri residents seeking a concealed carry permit or other firearms training can learn more at Tim’s website, www.learntocarry.com

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  • Bob

    I really appreciate the exposing of the dangers of hoplophobia, the irrational fear of guns. The media talks about guns as being dangerous and dwells on gun violence so much that they are now creating and feeding a fear of guns which is itself an actual danger. Not only has this irrational fear of guns cost the life of the one brave young veteran discussed in the podcast, but it is costing lives every day as this fear convinces society to disarm to the point that there is rarely an armed citizen available to intervene to protect the innocent when needed.

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