SPECIAL EDITION – State of the Union Address Response With Darrell Castle


2014.01.29_StateOfTheUnion_national_Rev1In this special edition of Home Front, we bring you analysis of President Obama’s recent State of the Union Address and the Republican response. My guest is Constitution Party leader and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, Darrell Castle, of The Castle Report. Together, Darrell and I assess not only the content of the President’s speech, but the applicable Constitutional principles and what a true statesman and patriot might have said.


  • Michael Termath

    Cynthia, As a lifelong Conservative Republican and Friend of the Party. I thought you and Darrell recaped the presidents state of the union address spot on. However you missed an opportunity to really hammer home to your listeners how the Constitution Party will fix important issues such as Economy, Defense, Immigration reform etc. I never heard how the Constitution Party plans on handling and fixing these very important issues. We can not just keep complaining about what’s wrong without giving clear and concise solutions. Let’s keep people fired up and engaged by not only focusing on the problems but by giving hope as to the future.

    In Liberty-

    • Mark

      If you have been following the Constitution Party over the past eight years, and research their web site, you will find how they plan to fix the problems you mention.

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