• The Future of Obamacare Beverly Gossage


    Do you ever wonder what is preventing Obamacare from being repealed, especially since the Republicans have the majority?

    People like to speculate on whether Obamacare will go away.

    Well, on our show today, we give you some of these answers and more.  As an added bonus, you’ll learn about the best alternatives if you want insurance, but don’t want Obamacare—Liberty vs. Samaritan vs Altrua vs Medishare vs Aliera.

    On this show, we interview insurance expert, Beverly Gossage.  Beverly is the president and founder of HSA Benefits Consulting.  She is also a health policy advisor for the entire nation.  She is a senior fellow for Independent Women’s Voice, an expert in medical insurance, and comes to us today to share from her experience on the best way to understand medical insurance.

  • Bob Adelmann


    We’re not playing pattycake!   We’re playing for the heart and soul of our country.

    On this episode we interview Bob Adelmann for a discussion on the future of Obamacare.

    Bob is an economist and staff writer for The New American Magizine and the Constitutionalist Today Newspaper.

    Bob Adelmann is a graduate of Cornell University with two degrees, including a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in economics and finance. Bob’s career path took him from insurance into estate planning, and then into investment and tax planning. After the stock market crash in October of 1987, Bob started his own investment management company that grew to over $15 million in less than 10 years. He then sold the company to his son in 1996 and now concentrates on writing for TNA.”

  • The End of Obamacare


    The old expression is, “if you want to get out of the rat race, you have to let go of the cheese.” In this case, it’s moldy cheese. So, if you’re confused about all you’re hearing about the repeal of Obamacare, today we explain how you can let go of the cheese and end up in better shape.

    On this episode of Home Front, we discuss the repeal of Obamacare with Abigail Nobel. Abigail understands both the medical and political aspects of of this issue, having worked many years in the healthcare profession and holding both a Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Master of Arts in politics. Abigail is currently a public speaker, health policy nurse consultant and publishes articles on health related matters at her website, Dewdrops of Health.

  • Healthcare, Obamacare and HIPAA


    Why not fill out the HIPAA form when you go to the doctor? Have you had enough of Obamacare yet? There’s plenty of talk about what a mess it is, why hasn’t it been repealed?

    On today’s show we interview Twila Brase, Founder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom (www.cchfreedom.org). In the interview, our guest reveals some of the dirty little secrets about obamacare’s origins, starting with the HIPAA laws from the Republican majority Congress.

    You’ll learn not only how we got into this mess, but what options are available to get us out of it.

  • The Latest on Obamacare

    This picture was taken a few years ago.  It's easy to not think about medical issues until you have a family member who needs help.
    This picture was taken a few years ago. It’s easy to not think about medical
    issues until you have a family member who needs help.

    In a short time, Obamacare will be back in the news. The US Supreme Court is about to announce its OPINION on whether the national government can subsidize medical insurance for people living in states that did not meet the criteria in the Obamacare law.

    The Court is in an interesting position and even the best pundits are having trouble coming to a consensus on what to think. If the Court rules that all citizens of all states can get the money, they would be inventing rules in the law that don’t exist.

  • Obamacare with Jim Gwinner


    Today I interview Jim Gwinner. Jim is the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for the LS2 Group and has spent a considerable amount of time studying Obamacare.

    On today’s edition of Home Front, we give you the scoop on what the Supreme Court is mulling over and share some insights on what could happen to the country depending on the outcome of the King V. Burwell case. This has to do with the subsidies that are only allowed in states that have set up their own state insurance exchanges.

    If you are interested in your healthcare or the government’s involvement, you will want to listen to our show today.

  • Expectations Of Your Legislature

    In Nashville, Tennessee for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.
    In Nashville, Tennessee for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

    Recently, the St. Louis Post Dispatch did an editorial lamenting the diminishing quantity of content available for their news articles now that Brian Nieves, Jane Cunningham and I are leaving public office.     It’s amazing that I could be out of office for three years and they still take time to express their gratitude for my contributions as a gold mine for their political reference materials.

    We expect our elected officials to be more knowledgeable than most average citizens.  However, many of them are not.  They are just people like us who were able to win an election.  A few of the newsletters I received this week were so philosophically conflicted, I knew these legislators were merely repeating the dictates of their political party instead of actually thinking through their comments.

  • Former St Rep Carl Bearden – Governmental Budgets


    Carl Bearden, former State Representative and Chair of the House Budget Committee, now from United For Missouri, shares with us some insights on the state legislature and governmental budgets.

    On this program we discuss fiscal issues and the philosophy behind how lawmakers arrive at their decisions on what to support.

    Join us to learn some little known insights on the process and priorities of your government.

  • Dr. Jason Hamed – Your Health is up to You Not the Government


    Who’s job is it to make sure you are healthy?  How do you feel about the health insurance mandate? How involved does the government get with sexually transmitted diseases? In today’s edition of Home Front, we get into the real questions surrounding how and why we take care of ourselves.

    Today we have a very special guest, Dr. Jason Hamed.

    Dr. Hamed graduated from Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.) with degrees in physiology and chemistry. Dr. Hamed received his chiropractic training at Logan College in St. Louis.

    You will be inspired to hear from someone who believes your health is up to you, not the government.  Dr. Hamed tells us about how the FDA is doing a shake down on the natural supplements people take to help themselves, while continuing to approve pharmaceuticals that can kill us.

    Learn more at Dr. Hamed’s website – http://www.connectwithwellness.com/