Former St Rep Carl Bearden – Governmental Budgets


Carl Bearden, former State Representative and Chair of the House Budget Committee, now from United For Missouri, shares with us some insights on the state legislature and governmental budgets.

On this program we discuss fiscal issues and the philosophy behind how lawmakers arrive at their decisions on what to support.

Join us to learn some little known insights on the process and priorities of your government.

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  • Bob

    Good insights on how our legislators think, how government spends our money and how government keeps getting bigger no matter who is in office. We need to have the curtain pulled back and the process exposed so we the people quit getting duped. For example, what politicians really mean when they say they’ve cut spending is they decided not to increase spending as much as they had planned on, or that they cut spending on roads, but forgot to mention they increased spending on education. Good article explaining that here

    And then there’s my personal experience of paying my motorcycle license today. Here in Washington, we the people passed an initiative many years ago limiting license tabs to $30 forever because they had kept going up and up. So today I notice that my total bill is $54.75 – but how can that be? It’s simple, $30 for the license, $3 filing fee (notice it’s a fee, not a tax, that makes it okay right?), $10 weight fee, $0.75 service fee, $4 replacement plate fee, $2 plate reflectivity fee and a $5 donation to state parks that looks like part of the bill unless you read the details and realize you can subtract this back out and pay less if you want. It didn’t happen overnight. Each of these fees have been added back in little by little after we voted in $30 license tabs.

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