Financial Expert Doug Tjaden

Doug Tjaden – Financial Forecast


Money and monetary systems are not morally neutral!

How you spend your money and how governments spend your money is a reflection of your priorities. Will the stock market crash again? Should we invest in gold and silver?

Listen to hear what kind of philosophy our monetary system promotes and what you need to know about it.

Our guest today is Doug Jaden. Doug is an expert on monetary reform and co-leads the public policy group on monetary policy for the statesman project.


  • Mike

    Good advice from Mr. Tjaden. He may not be able to give you advice regarding investments but I can. Buy gold and particularly silver bullion coins. The ones I like best are American Silver Eagle coins and also 1964 and earlier 90 % silver US dimes, quarters, and half dollars which are currently selling at low premiums over the spot price of silver. Put at least 5-10 % of your portfolio into physical precious metals bullion as a hedge against a currency collapse as explained by Mr. Tjaden. God bless. Mike

  • ps_mike

    This was a decent show. I have been considering getting involved with the party for awhile, now. I too have been dreaming of localism. I want to compliment both host and guest. Good job.

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