I took my daughters to Chicago last week.  Chicago is the economic engine of the Midwest!  I lived there for nearly 13 years and am still amazed by the volume of people, the places to see—and the traffic!!!

An old expression is, “Money Talks —  It always says ‘goodbye’!”

The stock market is higher than ever and real estate prices are still going up.  There’s no question that Donald Trump’s economic agenda has allowed the economy to be more optimistic.

As a result, Donald Trump just had his first meeting with his full cabinet last week.   Here’s an example of the questioning nominees are getting from some members of the Senate.  It shows that some of the Democrats like the idea of a religious litmus test.  If a person is a Christian, he need not apply for anything.

Nevertheless, the economy is still moving forward.  Ravi Zacharias said, “Money is congealed life.”

On our show today we talk with money expert, Doug Tjaden, who explains to us the philosophy behind what’s going on in understandable terms.  He offers practical experience and insights into ways of making sense out of our money and dealing with the impact regardless of what the government is doing.

What are you doing to protect yourself from an economic downturn?

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  • George Thompson

    I suspect rising prices are more a result of currency inflation due to years of massive stimulus than anything else. The Donald is a fan of stimulus, tariffs and subsidies which are but variants of the same fiscal irresponsibility.

  • Pau l Werner

    Don’t spend what you don’t need to. If you do make a list of pro and cons about what to by and give it seriously if the pro.s outweigh the cons then buy

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