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This picture was taken a few years ago.  It's easy to not think about medical issues until you have a family member who needs help.
This picture was taken a few years ago. It’s easy to not think about medical
issues until you have a family member who needs help.

In a short time, Obamacare will be back in the news. The US Supreme Court is about to announce its OPINION on whether the national government can subsidize medical insurance for people living in states that did not meet the criteria in the Obamacare law.

The Court is in an interesting position and even the best pundits are having trouble coming to a consensus on what to think. If the Court rules that all citizens of all states can get the money, they would be inventing rules in the law that don’t exist.

Some of the Supreme Court Justices have been acting like they are forming their own Constitutional Convention every year as they mutilate the Constitution with many of their opinions. How many more spins and twists will it endure before it is meaningless?

The only way for the Court to preserve its last shred of integrity would be to force Congress to live with the actual law it passed. The US Congress can pass a new law any time it wants to do so, and that is the proper remedy for this crisis. In a sports game, the umpires should not have a goal of trying to help one side win and the other side lose. The goal needs to be fairness and honor that results in respecting the rules of the game.

If the Court rules that the literal provisions of the law do not allow the subsidies, the foundation of Obamacare will dissolve. It cannot survive without another act of Congress. The federal subsidy component is at the heart of the law.

Without the government “making up the difference”, the harsh economics of regulations and mandates will inflate premiums beyond what would be a reasonable value or appealing to most consumers. Those who actually need medical services would realize their insurance premiums and medical expenses were more tolerable and the charity care was more available before Obamacare.

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Pictured from Left to Right:
Elena Kagan,
Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
Sonia Sotomayor,
Nancy Pelosi,

Memorize their names and faces because they have all used the full weight of their positions to take our country down the path of Socialism and have worked to legislatively destroy the family structure and the sovereignty of the family. Yet the blame doesn’t belong to them entirely. We need to put the majority of the blame on the voters who gave them these positions of power. Nevertheless, I would not want to be any one of these people when they have to face God at the end of their lives.


1.) All free market supporters should consider “going off the grid” of medical care. It is less expensive for the doctors and the patients alike to go without the middle-man and the excessive federal regulations and handling costs involved.

2.) Listen to our podcast this week. We get into the nitty-gritty of the Obamacare decision and the practical implementation of Obamacare. You will learn some surprising pitfalls and failures of this system even without the US Supreme Court ruling.

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  • RWPeck

    I believe that government involvement in healthcare – both the providing and regulating thereof – has been one of the big factors in driving up costs over the last several decades. Government involvement has now brought us to the tipping point that will push people back to the way things used to be and should have stayed – pay cash or turn to a charity.

    I recently visited a local clinic where they told me there was a “40%” discount for using cash instead of medical insurance. It would appear that between the government and the insurance companies, they have managed to make the system so complicated and costly that clinics would rather treat people at half price than have to deal with the government/insurance system.

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