Social Security, Trump and our Financial Forecast


On today’s show we discuss tariffs, the future of social security and what Donald Trump needs to do.

Today we visit with Bill Lusseneheide.  Bill is a Registered Investment Advisor. LCM uses historical, empirical and mathematical timing systems to manage risk and enhance return.  He comes to us today from Temecula California to share with us the latest information on the economy.

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  • Tim Finch

    Very informative and educational program. Since I’m turning 62 in one year, I was wondering whether I should start taking SS at 62 or wait until I’m fully vested at age 66.5 (I believe). I think I’ll be just fine until 66.5 so that was helpful information. I also liked Bill’s views on tariffs and our trade with communist China. Thank you Cindy for the programs you’re doing!

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