State Auditor


Have you ever wondered what is the job of the state auditor? On our show today, we give you some ideas on what the state auditor is supposed to be doing and share thoughts that will help you know how to vote.

Today we interview Jacob Luetkemeyer.   Jacob is running for State Auditor on the Constitution Party ticket.

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  • Michael G Patton

    I loved Jacob’s emphasis on the fact that voting your conscience for the person you think is the best candidate is the best thing that you can do and by doing so is the only way we are ever going to get out of the rat-trap of the major two party system. I voted for the Presidential Constitution Party candidate in 2004, 2008 and 2016 (Peroutka, Baldwin and Castle respectively) and am proud to have done so. I only wish that I wasn’t talked out of voting for Goode in 2012 but I was in fact talked into voting for Romney. I love the Constitution party mostly for it’s pro-life positions but also for it’s positions on liberty and government. I wish Jacob the best of luck and hope he gets the state auditor position.

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