• State Auditor


    Have you ever wondered what is the job of the state auditor? On our show today, we give you some ideas on what the state auditor is supposed to be doing and share thoughts that will help you know how to vote.

    Today we interview Jacob Luetkemeyer.   Jacob is running for State Auditor on the Constitution Party ticket.

  • US Senate Candidate Peter Pfeifer


    Peter Pfeifer is a candidate for the US Senate race in Missouri.  What are you looking for in a candidate?    Here in Missouri we have an election right around the corner.  On this show I probe into the people who want to represent us in Washington DC.  I hope you’ll feel like I asked the questions you would have asked if you’d had the opportunity.  You’re about hear more  than the scripted answers from a candidate forum and what’s going on behind the three second sound bites.

  • US Senate Candidate, Kristi Nichols


    We’re all in this together!  An election is right around the corner and we need to know what the candidates are thinking.  This show is a continuation of our efforts to probe the people who want to represent us in Washington DC.  You’re about to get an in-depth look inside the heart and mind of a candidate.

    On today’s show, we interview US Senate Candidate, Kristi Nichols.  Kristi is a pastor of an inner city church and is going to explain why she’s running for the Senate.