The Kavanaugh Hearings

We’ve been told that we can avoid the stress of Washington by staying away.  But what happens when Washington DC comes to you?  This week, my son from Washington DC came to visit us and we had a great time.  Not everything from Washington is doom and gloom!


The old expression is, “Give ’em enough rope to hang themselves.”  But what happens if you give them enough rope to hang you?  The Democratic Party is cranking out false allegations like dime store novels.  The sad truth is they can keep going as long as the Republican Party allows this to continue.

The Senate can easily fix this by enacting a rule that only allows allegations that are accompanied by an adjudicated case with a guilty finding or a current police report.  

Without any legal finding, the Senate Committee acts like the law enforcement division.  When I was in the House of Representatives, I had to frequently remind myself and others of the limits of our jurisdiction.  The Senators need a job description to protect them from being turned into judge and jury of criminal cases, which is a mockery of a real court.

The Senators were elected to pass and repeal laws.  They are not trained to judge these cases, nor should they.  So we now have a farce!  Judicial confirmations are now reduced to whichever side screams the loudest….and the left side is up to the challenge of winning an ideological contest with tantrums.  The stakes are high if the Supreme Court becomes a non-elected law-making body. 

A recent headline says, “What Democrats are doing Should Bother You”.   I say, “What Senate Republicans are doing Should Bother You.”  It’s like we’re in a storm and the pilot is allowing the vessel to turn and twist wherever the wind blows.  As long as this technique is working, expect more of it.

Some of us might be mad at the Democrats, but we can’t blame them for acting this way.  They are not fighting Brett Kavanaugh.  They are fighting for a National policy to legalize the destruction of the unborn.  This is an ideological fight.  The opposing side will do anything possible to fight for the anti-life philosophy.  Sadly, these stall tactics are working.  As long as it’s throwing off the Republicans, why not continue until Trump is out of office?

The Constitution says the President nominates candidates to the Supreme Court and the Senate confirms, but what if the Senate stalls out every confirmation until Trump is out of office?  I’m sure this is something the Democrats already considered behind closed doors.  If the Democrats effectively block every nominee, it’s possible to never have another justice confirmed!  The biggest surprise is that they can be so effective while being the minority.

If it were the other way around and we had a Democrat President appointing justices who wanted to destroy the Constitution, would we disrupt, distract and dismantle every candidate?  The Republicans didn’t put up any memorable fight against Ruth Bader GinsburgSonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan, but obviously, the two teams are playing with different sets of rules.

The Democrats are united in their positions on sexual perversion, illegal aliens, anti-life and welfare/Obamacare.  Despite the Party platform, Republican leadership seems to be divided on core issues.  “A house divided cannot stand”.  Will the Republicans come together and commit to making the values espoused in the platform a reality?   Judging by actions, I’m not convinced the GOP wants to actualize its platform.

What’s the answer?  Both major political parties give great credibility to polls.  The leadership cares more about getting votes than the issues behind the votes. This fiasco is about both sides trying to appeal to the mob and thereby gain political ground.  It is our duty to communicate the values that are important to us.

Those in leadership will lead when they believe they have a groundswell of support.  It’s important to let them know we’re tired of their cop-outs, rationalizations, and hand-wringing.  They were elected to represent us, not to represent the leadership of the Party.

On today’s show, we interview Jacob Leutkemeyer, candidate for State Auditor.  He doesn’t play silly partisan games.  Instead, he offers some valuable insights on what the auditor does and why he’s running.

What do you think of how the Republicans are handling the Kavanaugh hearing process?

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1.)  Let your US Senators know what you think of the Kavanaugh hearing process.  The show will end when the spectators have had enough!

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  • Steven Grate

    I feel the Republican party is spineless and conflicted as usual. I wonder what backdoor deals are being made with the Socialist Democrats. There is not one piece of confirmation that anything happened. It is very convenient that these allegations are over 30 years old. No police reports, no evidence at all. This is a shame the Republicans are so quick to run and hide. Just another example of Republican political hot air and no action.

  • George Thompson

    I am not angry at the RINOcrats (aka Republicans) for what they are doing, which is awful enough, so much as what they are not doing. The lunatic fringe of the NAZI wing of the demonicrat (democrat) party once again publicly heaped verbal abuse on a Trump supporter out for a peaceful evening at a local Washington restaurant. It was Sarah Sanders and too many others earlier. Congress blathered nonsense that they were just exercising their free speech rights. These same people argue that Conservatives have zero speech rights since what we have to say offends them. Well what they have done and more recently did to Senator and Mrs. Ted Cruz should offend everybody who does not put Mao ornaments on their Christmas trees. Can I set fire to my neighbor’s house and be let free simply because I claim I was only expressing my free speech rights to send the message that I so not approve of his marrying a blonde? No. Can I claim my Aunt Helga once sexually assaulted me when I was 5 years old because she grabbed a squirming youngster gave him a big hug and a kiss just because she has been nominated to a federal office which requires senate confirmation even though she and I were the only ones present, it happened 30 years ago, did me no harm and she has no recollection of the event, and I cannot verify when or where? No. So why is Chuck Grassley tolerating this nonsense Diane Feinstein held in her office until after the last minute? He should have immediately either dismissed the allegation or subpoenaed Dr. Ford, her lawyer, and the Senators responsible for holding Ford’s letter for a more inappropriate time. Ford should not have any preconditions for her Divaesque appearance not common practice for others subpoenaed to appear before Congress or any if its committees. Senators not cooperating should be censured and face expulsion for contempt of Congress. Ford and her legal counsel should be charged and tried for contempt of Congress. If our elected officials do not keep their oath to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies DOMESTIC or foreign, we will plunge into another civil war. This time the stakes will again be about slavery, for if those unafraid to witness for Christ lose, we will be enslaved by those who follow Satan. it really is that dire.

  • Wilma Darlington

    THANK YOU, Cynthia Davis! Yes, it’s time to stop the nonsense, and letting those persecutors continue to lie and inflict pain when there’s no concrete evidence to support their allegations.
    I wish other Republican representatives and senators were as upset and determined to support Judge Kavanaugh as you are! Enough with this lack of support for a very good man, and very good judge, according to his history on the bench.

  • Steven Walker

    The Senate Leader has already commented that these hearings must be stopped and get on with the confirmation. My only question is, “Why has it gone this far already?” Confirmation must be executed without further political delay.

  • Bob

    Thank you Cynthia for being the only one so far to get to the root of the issue and the only thing that really matters, and that is, the fact that none of these allegations, gossip, and outright slander have any place in a Senate confirmation hearing. Whether the nominee is a D, R, or otherwise, the purpose of the hearings should be to consider the nominee’s views, values, skills, abilities, and performance in previously held positions, and maybe, just maybe, the outcome of any past criminal trial or civil suit. Both the Ds who are bringing allegations and the Rs who are entertaining and allowing it, have denigrated the United States Senate and turned it into a mere stage for political soap opera. But then why should we be surprised, as both parties have already proven that they are lead by vile, vain, and contemptible people who have no regard for the rule of law nor respect for our forms of government.

  • Paul Kalil

    I think that if the republicans on the Judicial committee are truly interested in placing a person deserving of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, they should allow the FBI to investigate these claims prior to taking any vote.

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