We Need Each Other!

Just me and a few faithful friends.  Our friends keep us going when the going gets tough.


It’s exasperating watching the U. S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings! If Brett Kavanaugh is not confirmed, Trump should appoint someone even more philosophically conservative. Perhaps that will teach the game players to resist the urge to trash a decent person and give us some satisfaction in the end.

The U. S. Constitution does not require Supreme Court hearings. It requires a senate confirmation, but not the shenanigans, (i.e. non-germane questions, political grandstanding and disorderly conduct). Here are three reasons we should get rid of the confirmation hearings. Regardless of political outcomes, we should not lose heart.

It can be lonely out there! Lots of us have been trying to make a difference in our municipalities, states and our Country. Political activism works best when it’s fun…And it’s more fun when we’re joined by others who share our passion and vision for a better future.

One popular song almost everybody knows is, “You’ve Got a Friend”. We were wired to have friends. On our show today, you will learn how and why friends are important for everything else we do.

Drew Hunter recently wrote a book called, Made for Friendship — The Relationship That Halves Our Sorrows and Doubles Our Joys. We can accomplish so much more when we encourage and support each other.

Do you get lonely in the battle?  What do you do to keep yourself refreshed?

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  • Pat Smith

    I keep my eyes, mind , and heart, centered on Jesus Christ, my living Lord and Saviour, and meditate in His Word, and fellowship with many other brothers and sisters in Christ at my wonderful church First Baptist Church of Arnold , where I have been an active member forty-one years. To anyone looking for a church home I invite you. I attend the 9:30 Worship Service. Come sit with me.

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