The Democratic Party

This picture says it all.

When I lived in Massachusetts, so many of my friends were Democrats, I didn’t know anyone who was a Republican.  They were Democrats from birth and they believed their Party was about helping blue collar workers get higher wages, which was supposed to help strengthen families.

If they could see what the Democratic Party has become today, especially with what happened to the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation, it would have sickened them.  It’s obvious that we’re playing with a different set of rules.

The Democratic party today is against the values that made America strong – life, liberty, and economic freedom.  They may try to claim a concern about morality, but it’s a humanistic Pseudo-morality, not a Biblical morality.  This party has made a mockery out of the Constitution and believes the ends justify the means.  What they did to the Kavanaugh confirmation process turned it into a political lynching that nobody in this Country deserves to suffer. 

We have seen tantrums that would make a two-year-old look tame, people clawing the doors of the Supreme Court, yelling at Senators, spraying graffiti, etc.  The Party that used to give the appearance of tolerance and accepting anybody has proven that it is not willing to be tolerant of those espousing Christian values.  The confirmation debate that should have been about Constitutional jurisprudence never happened.

The Democratic Party is unquestionably committed to transforming America—into a habitat for Socialism, Globalism and a place where mobs rule and where access to justice depends on connections.

Here is a list of the Democratic Party agenda:

1. Abortion for any reason at any time at any cost.

2. The dilution and reversal of American exceptionalism (America is not good, great, unique, or a Constitutional example to the rest of the world). We need to look to (usually) socialist countries for guidance.

3. The eventual committal to rationing of healthcare via governmental takeover. The government that controls healthcare and chooses who gets it (when, where and how) truly controls behavior.

4. The destruction of the Electoral College, redefinition of a citizen, and who can communicate during elections. This is achieved through immigration reform, “compassion”, and also aided by campaign finance reform.

5. The disarming of Americans. Gun control is historically linked to tyranny’s march to control.

These character assassinations, violence, and anarchist tactics are not a passing fad.  They will emerge again next time.  Eventually, there will be no room for dissent.

This is about truth.  If we are honest, we must accept truth, regardless of whether we like it or not.  The Kavanaugh political lynching was about an effort to change the way we do Supreme Court nominations.  These appointments are not supposed to be political.  That’s why the nominees are appointed rather than having to run campaigns to get votes.  The obstructionists made this a political event by trying to rile up the people.

When did the party of sexual perversion, abortion, illegal drugs, pedophilia and all things godless suddenly have a moral concern about alleged sexual behavior, throwing ice and drinking?  Those left in the Democratic Party either don’t care about these core issues, or they are cringing and getting ready to leave.  

If you are in the Democratic Party or know someone who is in the Democratic Party, we need to offer a moment of compassion.  It’s hard to leave a tradition.  However, the damage done to our Country by the leaders of this party has dug deep into the fabric of our souls.  It’s time for every Democrat member to reconsider if this still resonates with one’s belief system.

Pray for your neighbors who may be submerged in this flawed ideology to have the courage to walk away.  Pray for God to open their hearts and eyes to see how they have been led down a toxic path.  There are other choices.  

I am glad that truth and justice prevailed this time.  However, if the morality of our Nation continues to slide, we shouldn’t be surprised if it gets worse.  Without sharing a foundation of Biblical principles, our common ideals will erode.  I hope this process was a wake-up call for all of us who thought any political party would take care of everything for us.

Are you optimistic about people waking up politically?

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  • Frederick Berry

    It will take time to get all of America back to its Constitutional and biblical roots. The rot is not just the Democrat party. We have Republican rot, too, but at least they are not pounding hopelessly on the heavy brass Supreme Court doors. I am talking about the “progressives” in the Republican party. Progressivism, statism, socialism, communism are all different stages of growth of the same plant. Donald Trump has created strong oppositional winds, but there will be much left to do after he is gone in order to get us back to our full Constitutional roots. The problem isn’t just rooted in our politicians, is deeply embedded in education, the Media, and Hollywood. However, getting Donald Trump and a strong conservative court is a good beginning. So is prayer. It is the backbone of our efforts.

  • Gerald Love

    Excellent read, you are absolutely right.
    The potholes are getting deeper on the road we are traveling.
    Thank you.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Brad

    The midterms will be a Republican win because the country saw the Demoncrats for what they are….. we’ll have a 2nd Trump Presidency with economic growth, and then things will get much tougher economically.

    What happened during the Kavanaugh hearings was the Demoncrats focused on finding people that identify themselves as being victims. Those people, both women & men, identified with Blasey – Ford and from that point forward, the facts of the allegations did not matter. It did not matter that even the people she named as verifying her story, said they had no memory of the event. It didn’t matter that she is a psychologist that works at a university that focuses on mind control and memory insertion programs, nor did it matter that she has coached people on how to take polygraphs, nothing factual mattered . For that small minority of people, she had to be believed because if she wasn’t, then their own life story was invalid.

    A Senator I think, don’t remember whom, said it best the other day, paraphrasing, “There are no longer any moderate Democrats.” He’s right, the ones left that identify as Demoncrats are super liberal fringe individuals that do not hold traditional American values.

    Unfortunately, beginning next year and accelerating through 2021, there are enough of them on the fringe, that there will likely be isolated violence. These people cannot accept a result that is not their pre-determined outcome. Hillary egging them on, providing justification for their views is an example of someone smart enough to know what they’re causing. These people that advocate violence should be jailed. However, before they are jailed, a case should be built that showcases their treason and provides factual evidence of actual violation of constitution / laws that a country boy with a 3rd grade education can understand. If a case file is built which provides evidence of wrongdoing, then at least for most of us….. jailing these people will not be reason for riot. Most democrats could be brought to an understanding that they have been lied to and mislead. However, most demoncrats will not go down that easily because like the Blasey – Ford mindset, they have to believe in these people or else their own lives / existence / belief system will have been proven invalid.

    Our situation here in the USA, looked at in an isolated domestic view could possibly be changed, so that we don’t have so much polarity in our politics. Unfortunately, we are one world and the trend to toss out the existing hierarchy and entrenched political systems is planet wide. The rest of the world is struggling financially and after money stops flowing into the USA….we’ll struggle also. Fortunately, that’s quite a bit in the future.

    Comments and other opinions are welcome.

  • Lloyd

    Little hope fo a political awaking until there is a Judaeo-Christian awaking. One must ask if GOD was mistaken to send his son rather than daughter to save us mortals. A secular society places man above GOD common to the progressive thinking pushed by radical feminism.

    Unhappily, feminism is leading to the destruction of the human project–that is, the Herculean effort of humankind since the Neanderthals to reproduce its social structures and its children. It will take a few more generations, but civilization is probably doomed as a result of the feminist demonization of masculinity, of motherhood, and of the family. Europe will be finished in 50 years and America in a little more. – David D. Gilmore, Cultural Anthropologist

  • Tim Finch

    I am optimistic that some democratic voters are waking up to the fact that the democratic party is heading down a path that is not good. Anti-police, anti 2A , BLM, Antifa, Maxine Waters and Hollywood “entertainers” have gone too far and decent people will not embrace a party that embraces this world view. I am VERY concerned about our millennial’s who are being brain washed by our public schools and universities.

  • Karen Copeland

    Amen!! God has given our country mercy once more. Have been praying for lost and blinded souls, will pray much more. Thank you for speaking the truth!

  • James R Bolton

    October 11, 2018
    Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, All Eyes on Nevada
    The other day as I was passing through a waiting room in my gym, I suddenly saw — well, who else in 2018? — Donald Trump on a giant TV screen. He was trying on a specially made hardhat and preparing to address the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention. (“We are truly grateful to our electricians, our wiremen, linemen, engineers, technicians, journeymen, contractors, and apprentices — oh, I love that word. That was a great — I love the word ‘apprentice.’ [Applause.] I love that word. You know, I did that show 14 seasons, and then I left. They wanted to sign me for three more seasons. I said, ‘No, I’m going to run for president.’ [Laughter.] It’s true.”) And one thing struck me from watching his face, something we never cease to do these days: he’s having the time of his life. No kidding. He’s the center of everything, the beau of every ball. He’s historic! Yes, he truly is! No one has ever… no, never… been faintly attended to this way in the history of the media… in the history of anything. Period. Exclamation point!

    Why would he want to do one thing differently? I can’t imagine. And any moment he’s feeling even slightly down, all he has to do is hold a rally and be buoyed and cheered (in both senses of the word). Really, it’s his world and welcome to it. Yes, as the New York Times revealed recently, so much about the story that got him elected president was a con. He wasn’t a self-made man, or rather a self-made billionaire, but a daddy’s boy, a “self-made sham.” He was already pulling in $200,000 a year (in today’s dollars) by age three and a millionaire, thanks to daddy, by age eight. And he and his family, the Times suggested, cut corners and cheated on their taxes to give themselves money galore from their dad’s businesses even as The Donald himself bounced from one disaster to another. (Who even remembers the Trump Shuttle or the moment the Trump-owned Plaza Hotel went bankrupt, not to speak of those five Atlantic City casinos that went down in a heap?)

    But here’s the thing: none of it really matters. As Hillary Clinton and crew didn’t understand when it came to The Donald’s unreleased tax returns in 2016, Americans love a con man. It’s in the American tradition to admire someone who beats the system (even if you can’t). And that applies to taking daddy’s money, too, and claiming otherwise. Don’t think for a second that it will shake his adoring base. The catch, of course, is that while Donald Trump can get away with being a self-made sham, most Americans can’t and when the fat hits the fire — and it will sooner or later — he’ll undoubtedly escape with the dollars, as he has in the past, but his base and so many other Americans won’t (any more than they did in the 2008-2010 Great Recession).

    Right now, the checks on him are so minimal that he can live it up until hell freezes over, which is why the coming midterms are undoubtedly an election for the ages. Whether it’s a blue wave or an orange one will matter bigly, which is why those who are working to ensure that the oranging of America won’t go on forever may be the unsung heroes of our moment. Here, then, is a report from TomDispatch regular Rebecca Gordon, who usually brings us news about American torture practices and our never-ending wars, but in these months has found herself on another kind of front line entirely — in Nevada and deep in the mid-term moment. Tom

    I totally agree -w- this article concerning Trumps true nature and his background. He is to good to be true. He is the perfect front for the conservative masses who are still holding onto the illusion of the America we all knew and loved. That America was washed away during the Cold War.

    I have done extensive study in Cold War politics, enough to know that the Cold War never ended. I have also spoken with and read former CIA CI operations officers who plainly outline the US LOSS of the Cold War. Can we quantify and qualify what that means? I can and I believe you have. What we see on the surface is what they want us to see. Conservatism within the Republican Party is a sham at best. The Kremlin might as well be running the government, if it isn’t already.

    There has been a massive dynamic shift in the US government over the past 5 decades. We were warned by at least two presidents, Eisenhower and Kennedy, but we didn’t listen to what they were really saying. What kind of nation bases its economy and foreign policy on a “Military Industrial Complex”? A communist nation, who else? Who is running our government? Corporations for profit and conquest. Who else does that but communist? Not saying the Russia took over America. They didn’t. However, the clever plan of the KGB did institute communist mindsets into our government by penetrated enough positions and nearly completely capturing our education system which has produced two or three generations of socialist. Most Americans are socialist.

    I could on and on. There is just too much evidence to ignore. We have been infiltrated and perceptions changed through the “Information Dominance” war we call the Cold War. The US General who worked for Hillary during her State Department tenure stated, “It our job to alter perceptions of the American people” and he outlined how that is done. Nothing about these issues are hidden, they’re just not seen.

    I am currently operating a Legal Investigations Office in Eastern WA and as well Pioneer Consulting Group where we equip real Americans with the professional mindsets and skills to counter the oncoming regime change. My background is in COIN, thus I do recognize what is
    unfolding in front of us.

    Thanks for all your great articles,
    James Bolton

    PS: There is an awakening, but it s not who and where most conservatives think it is. A true awakening is found in realistic understandings of the conditions. Not passive mindsets who search for the easy and comfortable solutions. trump is the fruition of Cold War politics at its best. The joke is on you.

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