• Unmasking the Masks


    Some schools have started up again.  Others have created a facade of starting up so they can access state and federal money.  Last week I took my last daughter to get her settled into the Fall semester after the longest Summer in history, (Starting in March!)

    One of the most frustrating parts of this hysteria is that there’s no endpoint.  There’s no criteria to determine when it’s been long enough to return to normal.  When people run a marathon, they work hard and are tired, but they also know the race will eventually get over.  We don’t appear to have a moment when we’ve reached the finish line.

    Here’s what we need to know:  The real virus is THE FEAR.  The fear is driving apart families and shaming others if they refuse to join in the fear.  Some elected officials are affected by a disease called, “Executive Tyranny”.

  • Living the Dream

    Most people don’t remember their dreams at all.  However, some dreams are valuable for helping us understand ourselves and the events around us.  Recently, a pastor, Dana Coverstone, has had a series of prophetic dreams: (Dream about the first shutdown)  (Wolves and Persecution) (October Dream)

    Although that’s no guarantee any dream will come true, it behooves us to listen, learn and evaluate if it helps to understand and protect ourselves.

    When we went on a buying trip in February, nobody in my industry had any idea the Country would be shut down within six weeks.  I feel sorry for the children who are having to live under this cloud of uncertainty.  I’d like to be able to interpret life for my son, but we are now “off script”.

  • What to do With a Crisis


    Remember that feeling when we saw the second airplane hit the World Trade Center?  At first, we gave them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe some airplane was lost, had a really bad pilot or a mechanic made a horrible mistake.  Minutes later, we knew it was deliberate.  That’s the same way many of us are feeling about the events of this year.

    The wanton disregard for the Constitution from legislative bodies and the Supreme Court, the bogus impeachment, hysteria over the virus, releasing prisoners, rioting, the fake coin shortage, blowing up the Federal budget by sending gobs of money to everyone, even dead people, tearing down statues of Christians, defunding police, setting up “snitch hotlines”, shutting down churches, bringing missionaries home from foreign countries, politicians banning a drug that is the cure for COVID, breaking up families at their time of greatest need, contact tracing programs, forced vaccines and creating devastating mandates on small businesses, have all contributed to our understanding that this is more than a coincidence.  Listen to the doctors tell us about this sham. (full press conference here)

  • Election Fraud


    Whether we win or lose, we want the elections to be fair!  Election Fraud has been a problem since elections started.  When I was first elected, I thought both political parties wanted to have fair an honest elections.  After serving on the Elections Committee, I concluded that the majority of the Democrat elected officials want to make it much easier to cheat.  If we lose control over the honesty of our elections, we will never get honest people elected ever again!

    There are lots of stories of bad handling of ballots.    And here’s one about a cat registering to vote.  When you vote through the mail, there’s a chance your ballot may never make it to the election authority.  What if there’s a way to track how individuals vote?

  • Racism

    We don’t have a skin problem…we have a sin problem.   If the Democrat leadership knew how bad they looked pretending to be sympathizers with African slave traders, they may not have wanted to flaunt themselves.  Some call this cultural appropriation  and it’s not funny.

    Is it racism or is it classism?  We don’t hear much about class systems in America, but it’s obvious there are elites who are in “the inner circle” who seem to go up the ladder very fast  If we truly were a racist country, there is no way Barack Obama would have been elected to the highest office in the Land!