Living the Dream

Most people don’t remember their dreams at all.  However, some dreams are valuable for helping us understand ourselves and the events around us.  Recently, a pastor, Dana Coverstone, has had a series of prophetic dreams: (Dream about the first shutdown)  (Wolves and Persecution) (October Dream)

Although that’s no guarantee any dream will come true, it behooves us to listen, learn and evaluate if it helps to understand and protect ourselves.

When we went on a buying trip in February, nobody in my industry had any idea the Country would be shut down within six weeks.  I feel sorry for the children who are having to live under this cloud of uncertainty.  I’d like to be able to interpret life for my son, but we are now “off script”.

If we only look at the news, it can be pretty depressing.  The right response is to pray for God’s protection and make sure we are ready to deal with whatever is necessary to make it through whatever comes next.

What do you do to keep yourself optimistic and peaceful during this time of uncertainty?


1.)  Listen to our podcast with Melissa Jacobs.  She’s a homeschool mom who comes to us with encouragement and inspiration about dreams.
You can find our latest podcast here.

2.)   Turn off the main stream news.  It will make you feel better and allow you to think rationally again.  We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by a left wing agenda.  Spend time with like-minded friends.  Find a church that isn’t afraid to meet.  Nurture your soul!

3.)  The Home Front newsletter and podcast continues. Your involvement to fund our ongoing efforts, research and equipment will make a difference. If you want to continue to support us in this effort to promote integrity in government, you can mail your check to this address:

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On our show today, we talk about homeschoolding and dreams.  You’re about to hear how dreams affect us and what we can learn from them.

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  • Pat Smith

    I pray, remembering to keep my eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, remembering Phil. 4:5-9, and I Thess . 4:13-18, and redeeming the time, share the joy of the absolute assurance of my salvation with others, that they may know Him too. I John 5:11–13, John 3:16
    Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!
    Be thankful. Love others, as Jesus Christ, who is God, loves you. :)♡

  • Bill Gnuse

    I am blessed to be adapting to the challenges of this 8th decade of life. I look way back at some difficult times that were very fearful. This pandemic nightmare is no exception. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Every day brings us closer to a vaccine. We know that social distance & masking provides a degree of safety. More testing and other resources are available. I have a friend who spent 6 days in a Los Angeles hospital recovering from Covid. Hydroxychloroquine did nothing to help her. Remdesivir was somewhat helpful in her recovery. We know that getting early treatment is far better than getting sent home to quarantine. I personally enjoy walking around the lake at Ft. Zumwalt park in O’fallon. The early evening breeze and plentiful shade is relaxing. The concrete sidewalk is wide enough to allow for social distance.

  • James

    1st & foremost remembering whose I am, that Jesus basically said worry is worthless, especially about things I have no control over, then finally, that He does

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