Unmasking the Masks


Some schools have started up again.  Others have created a facade of starting up so they can access state and federal money.  Last week I took my last daughter to get her settled into the Fall semester after the longest Summer in history, (Starting in March!)

One of the most frustrating parts of this hysteria is that there’s no endpoint.  There’s no criteria to determine when it’s been long enough to return to normal.  When people run a marathon, they work hard and are tired, but they also know the race will eventually get over.  We don’t appear to have a moment when we’ve reached the finish line.

Here’s what we need to know:  The real virus is THE FEAR.  The fear is driving apart families and shaming others if they refuse to join in the fear.  Some elected officials are affected by a disease called, “Executive Tyranny”.

The plan for the bad guys is to sow seeds of chaos, create more chaos, and then offer their solutions.  Their solutions  will lead to a loss of freedom and wealth redistribution for the rest of us.

The right way to respond is to be brave.  The elected officials will be tempered by public opinion.  When people quit wearing masks and let their legislators know “this gig is up”, the businesses and elected officials will start to pipe down.  So far, we have taught them that we will go along with whatever they suggest because we are such peace-loving people.

The CDC recommendations are just that.  They are “recommendations”.  The CDC is not a legislative body and does not have the ability to make laws.  While we believe they mean well and are zealous in the cause, we must keep this all in perspective.

How do you handle the face mask issue?



1.)  Listen to our podcast with Dennis Behreandt.  He comes to us from the John Birch Society and is a fountain of knowledge.  He helps us with the historical perspective and navigates us through the proper response.
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2.)  Take off your mask!  You’ll be healthier, feel better and make others feel better!

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Are you perplexed with the question of why we’re still seeing hysteria and inhumane policies that make no sense?  On today’s show we unravel the how and why behind face masks!

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  • Bill Gnuse

    I handle the mask issue by keeping several N95 masks in my car. When I go into any establishment where there are other people, I put on a mask before getting out of my car. I have to disagree with the claim that, “The real virus is fear”. The real virus is a biological virus known as SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2). There have been 16,376 deaths in New York city alone from this virus. I doubt that these real fatalities were caused by fear. There was a time when refrigerated trucks were needed to store bodies because morgues were filled. To date 857,509 deaths worldwide from Covid-19. Infantile Paralysis (Polio) was an epidemic with no endpoint for many years until Jonas Salk developed a vaccine. It was many years before any finish line was sighted. I remember seeing children my age in iron lungs. Parents were all fearful of this disease taking their children. I know a woman who still has scars on her throat from a polio tracheotomy. To suggest that a lion represents an unmasked person among sheep is foolishness. A better representation would be an ostrich with its head in the sand instead of a lion. Phase III clinical trials are ongoing with operation warp speed. A vaccine will be likely be available by 1st quarter 2021 if not sooner. When people quit wearing masks there will be an increase in morbidity and more economic problems. Our children are precious. Lets not risk their lives because of such foolishness.

  • James

    perfect example of fear here, please do a little research for yourself, most msm talking points about ‘danger’ is easily debunked by the facts https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-in-babies-and-children/art-20484405 remember this ain’t AIDS, according to cdc, most deaths were people with comorbidities & old age BTW have you heard about the thousands of deaths among the homeless, who neither wear masks, social distance, or live in sanitary conditions? me neither use duckduckgo.com for searches

  • James

    personally I normally try to maintain my immune system with proper diet [vit C, D, zinc picolinate, echinacea in tea etc] , every year when ‘flu season’ rolls around, start wearing disposable gloves cause I’ve always been told people catch colds & flu from germs passed by hands, now with the china virus hysteria, every place wants face coverings, so I wear a face shield

  • Bill

    Now that our President has contracted Covid maybe some will be convinced that the virus is REAL. Wearing a mask would probably have helped the President avoid the virus.

    2.) Take off your mask. You’ll be healthier feel better and make others feel better!


  • Bill

    I have personal knowledge of three people who contracted Covid. All three are females.

    The woman who did best lives in Creve Coeur & travelled to California where she was hospitalized for 6 days. She was first treated with Hydroxychloroquine it had no effect. Next treatment was Remdesivir. It started improvement that led to her discharge. I have seen her & she has resumed normal activities.

    The second woman lives in St. Louis County and contracted the virus 6 months ago as a nurse. She has recovered but still can’t taste food, takes blood thinners and strong doses of other drugs.

    The third woman lived in O’fallon MO and was not as fortunate. She passed away with Covid last month. at age 76.

    These are actual facts and evidence that the virus is a biological pandemic.

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