Election Fraud


Whether we win or lose, we want the elections to be fair!  Election Fraud has been a problem since elections started.  When I was first elected, I thought both political parties wanted to have fair an honest elections.  After serving on the Elections Committee, I concluded that the majority of the Democrat elected officials want to make it much easier to cheat.  If we lose control over the honesty of our elections, we will never get honest people elected ever again!

There are lots of stories of bad handling of ballots.    And here’s one about a cat registering to vote.  When you vote through the mail, there’s a chance your ballot may never make it to the election authority.  What if there’s a way to track how individuals vote?

Any sporting event is only fun to watch if it is a fair match.  When the umpires are corrupt, it feels like there’s no point.  Yet, the answer is to continue to fight.  We are not pleased with Justice John Roberts and have some concerns that he could allow ballots to be counted that were cast after the election is over.  When elections are stolen, it frequently happens because more ballots show up after the election was held.  Surprise, surprise!  Most of those ballots support Democrat candidates.

Do you think the elections in November will be stolen?


1.)  Listen to our podcast on election fraud.  We interview Chris Arps, the former member of the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners – You can find our latest podcast here.

2.)  Call your county election authority and offer to serve as an election judge.  If you can handle a 14 hour day, you might help to keep people honest!

3.)  The Home Front newsletter and podcast continues. Your involvement to fund our ongoing efforts, research and equipment will make a difference. If you want to continue to support us in this effort to promote integrity in government, you can mail your check to this address:

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On our show today, we interview Christopher Arps, co-founder of Move On Up and former member of the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners.  He shares with us some important insights on why we need to keep our election integrity.

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  • Eva

    For the second time, I received a Ballot through the mail for mail-in voting.
    Our Republican Governor is promoting this. Traitor to Trump.
    Should I vote for Ritter or Neal? Neither say a word about this either.
    All Bad candidates.
    FRAUD will steal the election I am afraid.
    Wish you could help.

  • George Thompson

    The democrats are still trying to steal the 2016 election. The RINOcrats act like spectators looking for the beer vendor. Given their serious lack of meaningful opposition, why wouldn’t the democrats be doing all they can, with no concern for its legality, to assure their preferred result. As somebody (usually attributed to Jospeh Stalin) once said or wrote, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” By getting their operatives in place to collect the votes, the all important counters will be in the best position to skew the vote.

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