What About the Borders?

How can they count the letters if they are lost?
How can they count the letters if they are lost?

What do you think about the illegal alien problem? People seem to come to this issue with a wide variety of opinions. The facts are all the same, but the interpretations are all over the political spectrum. We love our country. Others want to join us. We have rules and some are willing to risk the consequences associated with breaking the rules to get here.

There is a philosophical wall between Americans. We can agree on most of the problems, but we don’t agree on how to solve them. Some people believe the best answer is to sympathize with their plight and help the illegals. Others think we should support and enforce our laws.

This is a complex problem that is far beyond simple solutions. While the politicians are using aliens as political pawns and some businesses are using them for cheap labor, there is a human compassion component.

Our congress is wrangling over whether to enforce our current laws or change them. We owe it to ourselves to study the facts. A few months ago, Randy Stufflebeam went on a trip to Mexico among other places, to participate in a documentary on illegal aliens. He came home with a deeper understanding on how our bad public policies, such as our welfare system and NAFTA, have caused much harm to not only our country, but to many others.

Jeb Bush stirred up controversy within his own party by commenting that illegals are here as an act of love. Yet, using that logic, one could say that any crime is an act of love. The government is not in the mercy business; it’s in the justice business. Churches are in the mercy business. If we keep our roles straight, it will help us all feel better about the direction we are heading.

“Aren’t there enough candidates whose name is not Bush, and who don’t face a problem reaching 50% of the voters before they open their mouths?”

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Home Front This Week:

Randy Stufflebeam participated in a documentary produced by Al Jazeera on the problems surrounding illegal aliens. He talks with us in this episode about his experiences and how it has changed his perspective on the problem. Randy brings us some solutions that respect the Constitution as well as the individuals.


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