• Military Issues with Retired Marine, Randy Stufflebeam


    On our show today, you will learn what it means to declare war, what kind of unconstitutional behavior we are getting out of Congress and why we still have hope for America. We share some insights from a retired Marine, Randy Stufflebeam, who shows us the right way to get out of our quagmire.

    When you listen to our program, you will hear the truth that hurts, but you’ll also learn some reasons to have hope for America.

  • What About the Borders?

    How can they count the letters if they are lost?
    How can they count the letters if they are lost?

    What do you think about the illegal alien problem? People seem to come to this issue with a wide variety of opinions. The facts are all the same, but the interpretations are all over the political spectrum. We love our country. Others want to join us. We have rules and some are willing to risk the consequences associated with breaking the rules to get here.

    There is a philosophical wall between Americans. We can agree on most of the problems, but we don’t agree on how to solve them. Some people believe the best answer is to sympathize with their plight and help the illegals. Others think we should support and enforce our laws.

    This is a complex problem that is far beyond simple solutions. While the politicians are using aliens as political pawns and some businesses are using them for cheap labor, there is a human compassion component.

  • This is Going To Be a Great Year!

    Going to be a Great Year 1
    We are doing our part —with Cindy Redburn, Randy Stufflebeam and his wife, Lisa, in Back to Basics Christian Bookstore

    Sometimes when  we hear news about the state of our country and our economy, we can tend to feel like nothing is making a difference.  Yet, we have a few bright spots to share with you.  One of the highlights was launching our pod-cast.

    Last week, we BROKE ALL RECORDS for the number of people listening to our show.  Do you believe people can change the course of the country by throwing new ideas into the media marketplace?  While many unthinking Americans appear to be gobbling up whatever slop the mainstream media throws into the feeding trough, I am here to serve a balanced meal filled with the kind of nutritious ideas that can make our country healthy again.