• What About the Borders?

    How can they count the letters if they are lost?
    How can they count the letters if they are lost?

    What do you think about the illegal alien problem? People seem to come to this issue with a wide variety of opinions. The facts are all the same, but the interpretations are all over the political spectrum. We love our country. Others want to join us. We have rules and some are willing to risk the consequences associated with breaking the rules to get here.

    There is a philosophical wall between Americans. We can agree on most of the problems, but we don’t agree on how to solve them. Some people believe the best answer is to sympathize with their plight and help the illegals. Others think we should support and enforce our laws.

    This is a complex problem that is far beyond simple solutions. While the politicians are using aliens as political pawns and some businesses are using them for cheap labor, there is a human compassion component.

  • Illegal Immigration


    Tonight I share with you a talk I gave a few weeks ago.  We were at the Fall Meeting of the Constitution Party in Denver Colorado and my talk was on Illegal Immigration.  With the looming amnesty battle raging in Washington DC, it’s time for us to think about what we are doing and ask what is fair, proper and right for America—not the lobbyists in America—not the Political Parties in America—but what will best serve our country as a whole.

    We owe it to ourselves and our posterity to live within the rules and to find more intelligent and principled ways of governing.

    I hope you enjoy hearing our show.