Voter’s Guides

How do you know who to trust?

There are many voter’s guides floating around.  Some are trustworthy and others are not.  One that purports to be “family” oriented has a glaring mistake in it.  The purpose of most voter’s guides is to show who best resonates with the values of their own organization, but they can hide the agendas that are not always in line with your values.  When one is distributed in a church setting, there is an assumption that it should promote our values and help the parishioners discern which candidates possess the qualities most fitting with the Biblical standards.

If you see a voter’s guide show up in your church that has left me out of it, have a talk with the leadership and let them know it is deceptive on the part of those who published it to leave off the only candidate who has been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life  and the only candidate who received an “A” rating from the American Family Association and will be the one who most closely reflects the values of the church.  Our integrity should lead us to promote only honest voter’s guides that don’t try to manipulate or deceive the voters.

Please help me correct this problem.  If you see this show up at your church, you can either ask the leadership to not distribute them or request your church to make this announcement:

“There is a glaring omission in the voter’s guide sent to us.  Cynthia Davis who is running for Lieutenant Governor is the only candidate who has been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and received an “A” Rating from the American Family Association.  Cynthia Davis has a proven track record of being the most Biblical candidate on the ballot for the office of Lt. Governor.”

Politics has become a shady business, but it won’t get better if we abandon the process.  We owe it to ourselves to elect the candidate who most closely reflects our values.  Your vote is the currency of your values.  Spend it wisely.
As your next Lieutenant Governor, you will have someone in office who is willing to “Call Their Bluff”.

Your thoughts on the voter’s guides are important to me, so please share what you think here:
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A Little Bit of Humor


The early bird gets the worm, but it’s the second mouse
that gets the cheese.

Click here: A short cartoon, yet still very real comments by
FOX Radio Jamie Allman on Peter Kinder’s character.
This would be even more funny except for the fact that Kinder is running for Lt. Governor as a conservative. 

There is a much better choice!
She happens to be the author of this weekly newsletter!

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