• Darrell Castle – Tariffs, Immigration and Donald Trump


    We’re about to give you brave, strong and bold answers for how to get our Country back on the right path. So today I have some new insights on immigration, tariffs and political parties.

    In this episode, we interview Darrell Castle.  He is a lawyer from Memphis, Tennessee and ran for president of the United States on the Constitution Party ticket.  He is also the man behind the Castle Report, a fountain of knowledge of the inner workings of governments.  He comes to enlighten us today about some of the latest current events.  

  • Darrell Castle on NATO


    Why was NATO formed?  What do you think about our involvement in NATO and the amount of money we have going into it?

    These are some of the questions you’ll get answered on our show today.

    Today we interview America’s favorite attorney, Darrell Castle.  Darrell ran for President of the Unite States on the Constitution Party ticket in 2016.  He comes to us from Memphis, Tennessee to enlighten us on some of life’s most pressing issues.

  • Darrell Castle – Just Wars and DACA


    Today we have former candidate and the best attorney in the entire state of Tennessee, Darrell Castle.  Darrell has a weekly show called the Castle Report and is a student of world events.

    We discuss what’s involved in declaring a war, how Donald Trump is doing and the proper way to deal with the children of illegal aliens.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into current events through this informal chat with former presidential candidate, Darrell Castle.  You can also learn more here:  www.castlereport.us

  • Darrell Castle – Supreme Court


    Our guest is Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Presidential nominee in 2016. Darrell is the premier legal expert on all things Constitutional.

    On our show today, we explain how the senate makes decisions on who to confirm, what’s happening around the world and how to navigate through the potholes of government.

    You will leave with a fresh perspective to give you hope and encouragement on how to understand the events in the world taking place today.

  • Darrell Castle on Wiretapping


    Recently, Donald Trump posted this comment: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped…”.

    Well guess what folks; we might all be on candid camera. How do any of us know if we’re being recorded?

    On today’s edition of Home Front, we talk about wiretapping, what the government already can do without a search warrant and the future of Obamacare.

    Today we have America’s favorite lawyer, Darrell Castle. Darrell lives in Memphis, Tennessee and serves as a Constitutional scholar extraordinaire. He ran for President of the United States and now is working on making Memphis great again.



  • How About A Fresh New Start?

    The picture of Darrell Castle was taken in his office in Memphis,Tennessee and the picture of me was taken in my office in Missouri's State Capitol.
    The picture of Darrell Castle was taken in his office in Memphis,Tennessee
    and the picture of me was taken in my office in Missouri’s State Capitol.

    Every day more news is generated giving us hints about where our Nation is going next. This last year was a rocky road for public policy. The major players were successful at shifting us further to the Left end of the political spectrum. But there is still hope.

    Our Nation has lost some of the respect of other nations we used to enjoy. Other countries used to admire us for our stand on the sanctity of life, the integrity of mankind, faithfulness to our Creator and for the freedoms we once enjoyed. Now we are under the burden of inept leadership in our executive branch and elected officials from both major political parties.

    The elections in 2016 may prove to offer some surprises and may answer the question: “Did they yank too hard?”

  • U.S. Supreme Court on Marriage


    In this edition of Home Front, I interview my friend, Darrell Castle. We get into what is happening with the US Supreme Court and what we need to know about the upcoming decisions that will determine the definition of marriage in our country.

    We have some answers for you, like “Change your clothes and get back to work!”

    As an extra bonus, we delve into some thoughts on the presidential candidates, debates and campaign funding for 2016.