Darrell Castle on NATO


Why was NATO formed?  What do you think about our involvement in NATO and the amount of money we have going into it?

These are some of the questions you’ll get answered on our show today.

Today we interview America’s favorite attorney, Darrell Castle.  Darrell ran for President of the Unite States on the Constitution Party ticket in 2016.  He comes to us from Memphis, Tennessee to enlighten us on some of life’s most pressing issues.

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  • Michael G Patton

    I am proud to say that I voted for Mr. Castle for President in the 2016 election. One day soon I hope the Constitution Party will be a viable party. It can only be so however if people start voting their consciences and stop buying into the lie that 3rd party votes are wasted or are in fact votes for the democrats. When you vote for a principled candidate like Darrell Castle who most closely holds your values and beliefs then your vote is never wasted.

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