Children at the Border

This is my daughter and my newest grandchild at a reception after her baptism.


There is nothing more precious to us than our children and grandchildren.  Families function on the emotional level.  Governments must function on a pragmatic and principled level.  Governments must define policies as “one size fits all”. 

If children are being separated from their parents who are attempting to enter this Country illegally, the blame belongs to the parents who did this to their children, presuming those children even belong to those adults.  There has been a 314% INCREASE in adults arriving at the border posing with kids who are not their children! That is not a family, that is child trafficking!   Additionally, although we use the term “children”, many of the teens who arrive without parents are males between 15 – 17.

Families need to decide where they want to put down their roots and then safely and legally implement a plan to do what’s best for all the family members.  For most people, the best choice is to stay put and work to improve their homeland.  However, if they want to come here, they need to knock on the front door instead of slinking in through the back door.

We can’t win emotional arguments with intellectual answers.  The media did a great job of getting the attention of the public by showing images of how illegal immigrant children were treated by the Obama administration.

Don’t you wish we had the same level of concern over the babies being aborted every year?   One of my friends put it like this, “When children are separated from their parents at the border, ICE very soon reunites them. When Planned Parenthood separates them, they never get together again. But, according to Liberals, we need to eliminate ICE and fund Planned Parenthood.”

How do you suggest we deal with
people who break our laws to enter our Country?

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  • Lloyd

    It amazes me that the public is outraged at children of illegal aliens being separated form their children when their is no outrage at millions of legally fit fathers that are separated from their children by divorce courts every day and find themselves enslaved to their ex wives in the name of their children.

    Fatherless America is a far greater problem that needs immediate attention to solve our nations far greater problems of excessive welfare and juvenile crime. Anyone that believes application of “tender age doctrine” and “best interest of the child ” criteria for determining custody is blindly accepting feminist propaganda and refuses to accept gender equality.

  • Bonnie Seitz

    I agree with what you had to say on the matter of illegal immigration. Thomas Sowell had a quote that said “Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them.” How true!

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