Sep 162014
Cynthia Davis and Jim Clymer Cropped

What’s involved in getting a candidate on the ballot? Do political parties matter? During this episode we talk about what happened with Ron Paul, what George Washington said about the way we do things and why we need better options when we go to vote. If you ever wondered how the choices were authorized to show up on your ballot, you need to listen to this show.

Today I am joined by Jim Clymer, Former Chairman of the Constitution Party and Gary Odom, Former Field Director for a wonderful discussion of what they have seen over the years, the lawsuits they fought and why they are pressing on!

Sep 092014
Glenn Stanton Focus on the Family

People in America seem more confused today about marriage than ever before in history.

What is a family? On today’s episode of Home Front we discuss some of the most basic human needs, feminism, shacking up, even how prisoners of war are treated. It all comes out in our conversation with one of America’s formost experts on the family.

Today’s guest, Glenn Stanton, author of the book, The Family Project, shares with us how government policies influence personal choices. The Family Project just released last month. Glenn is the director of the Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family and a research fellow at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.

Sep 022014
Minimum Wage

Is the minimum wage good or bad? How did it begin and who does it affect? A lot of people think the minimum wage is designed to help the poor. To the contrary, it actually does the most harm to those in the lower economic income bracket.

Today we talk with Michael Tennant, a free lance writer for The New American magazine, on what the minimum wage does to our economy, the history of the minimum wage and the impact it has on the poor.

Aug 262014
Mother and child

Few things in life are more gut-wrentching. Even if you haven’t given away your own child, you will be inspired by this story of one who did and the beautiful unbreakable bond between a parent and a child. If you like stories with happy endings, you will want to listen to our show today. In this edition of home front we talk about how laws can either help or hurt people trying to connect to their roots. Stay tuned to hear a great story about the steadfast love of a mother and a happy ending.

Cathy LaGrow, author of “The Waiting,” shares some of the most remarkable details of what happened in the 1920s. You will also learn about how birth certificates can be fabricated in all states to block people from knowing the real facts in their lives.

Aug 202014

Fasten your seat belts. It started with the Ferguson Police, then Missouri Governor called in the State Highway Patrol and now there is an effort to get the United Nations involved. With Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers along with others from out of state interfering with our community, it seems like they are inciting more national attention yet.

Tonight we have two special guests: A veteran police officer who worked in a nearby community, Dan Benson and William Grigg, former correspondent, researcher, and senior editor for The New American Magazine.

Now the police are arresting elected officials and the media for being present during the order to disburse. Who is in the right? What is right? Dan and William will share from their experiences and will explain the proper constitutional jurisdictions.

Aug 132014

Learn from the experts!  Tonight we bring you an experienced panel of people who have studied elections for years and can help you process what just happened in many states during the primary process.

Is it true that “Nice Guys Finish Last”?  Tonight we offer some analysis of what happened in the last election and discuss how open primaries affect the outcomes in the states that have them.

Our panel includes two former Republican candidates, Ike Skelton and Tony Laszacs, along with Jeanine Huskey, founder of the the Eureka Tea Party.  We will ask them to explain what is happening to the conservatives and the Tea Party movement and share some glimpses of where we are heading next.

Aug 052014
The Brainy Bunch

If you find a great recipe, it’s helpful to share it with others. Likewise, if a family has ten children and they start college by the time they turn 12 years old, there are some lessons we can all learn as well. In today’s podcast, we visit with Kip and Mona Lisa Harding who wrote a book called The Brainy Bunch.

Join us for this show where we lift the curtain and share their secrets for their remarkable academic success with all of their children.

Jul 302014

We all know about the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but what about farming?    Tea Party and grassroots folks seem to be divided.   Throw in the fact that “Big- Agri” appears to support this while many small farmers are not convinced.  Is there more we need to know?  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed as well.  Join us as we get into the meat of this amendment.

You are invited to call in and participate.  If even some of the best legal experts are divided on whether this is good or bad, productive dialogue with you may help us discover the Constitutional answer!

Jul 152014
Our paper money is not backed by anything more than the good reputation of our country.  How can we preserve the value of our earnings when our government is printing paper money out the wazoo?  Kevin Wolter, from joins us for some more valuable information on how to protect our money from inflation. 
If you want to hear more, Kevin Wolter shares with us in an earlier episode of Home Front:
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