Dec 012015
Cal Zastro200p

Honorable people will always decry murder no matter who commits it. But the media hype shows the hypocrisy of the left.

Those who support abortion make a huge deal about a mentally ill man who shot up Planned Parenthood, but don’t have any comprehension that Planned Parenthood commits acts of violence every day they’re doing abortions.

So what’s a good citizen to do? On our show today we share some ideas for how you can make a difference.

I interview pro-Life champion, Cal Zastrow, who explains the right perspective we should have when a tragedy happens.

Nov 242015
Alec Rowlands 150

I bet you were just sitting there by your computer wondering what it’s going to take to get our country back. Well, I have good news for you. I just got to talk with Alec Rowlands who comes on our show to provide us with some answers. On Home Front today we discuss what happened on the Isle of Lewis, how Tony Perkins started a movement and what part pastors play in our culture. Stay with us to get answers to these most perplexing questions.

On this show, I interview Alec Rowlands, senior pastor of a 2,000-member church, Westgate Chapel in the Seattle, Washington area.

Alec heads a network of more than 1,300 pastors. Born in King William’s Town, South Africa, Alec comes to us with a fresh perspective on movements that changed everything. Alec is also the author of a book that just came out called The Presence. Alec’s website is:

Nov 172015
Deanna Sporleder 200

Today we hear a story that will help you understand the attacks on the family in America. I interview Deanna Sporleder, a member of Concerned Women For America from Marshall, Missouri. She shares from her experience. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!

This is a “must Listen” show that may spare you or your children from more hardships brought upon us by the new bigger brother government programs.

Nov 102015
Jeff Baxter 1 Cropped

I bring you a former State Senator, Jeff Baxter, from Washington to talk with us about credit cards and economics. If you’re wondering why your new credit card has a chip in it, you’re about to find out why. Jeff is a former State Senator from Washington State. He is still active at the legislative level state wide, as well as locally.

We spend some time explaining the cycle of debt and why people are enticed to increase their debt load to their detriment.

Oct 272015
Richard_Winger 200p

With the current mood of the voters, we are on the verge of breaking through the same old political routines. The 2016 elections will tell us how disappointed people are with the two major political parties.

Have you ever wondered how a candidate gets on the ballot? Today we speak with an expert on ballot access, Richard Winger. You will learn some reasons why voters are ready to shake off the major political party labels and find other options.

For more information, you can visit Ballot Access News or e-mail Richard at

Oct 202015
Ann Corcoran

Have you ever noticed that a lot of newcomers to America are Muslims?  Why are they coming to small towns instead of the big cities?  Who is paying for them to be here? And most importantly, will they assimilate? We get into these questions.

On today’s episode of Home Front, we interview Ann Corcoran from Refugee Resettlement Watch.  Ann Corcoran is the editor of  the Refugee Resettlement Watch and author of a book called Refugee Resettlement and Hijra to America.

Oct 132015
We Believe We Vote

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of information on the candidates? I know I have. On today’s edition of Home Front, I bring you a lady who did something about it.

It started with Penny’s picks and has now grown into a well respected source for vital information before you vote.

Listen today to find out how you can have an organization like this in your neck of the woods.

You can learn more by going to

Oct 062015
E Ray Moore

On today’s edition of Home Front, you will hear that we can offer our children something better than the public schools.

Parents need to get a grip.  It’s time to quit feeding the beast!  Listen to our show today to hear how and why!

Today we have Ray Moore with us.  Ray Moore is a  retired Chaplain, Lt. Col for the US Army Reserve.  He received the Bronze Star Medal for his role in the Golf War.

Ray Moore  has authored  and produced many books and videos including IndoctrinationLet My Children Go and his latest, Escaping Common Core.

Sep 292015
Shamed Dogan

Will more ethics laws make the elected officials behave any better?

What will we see in the next legislative session?

Listen to learn some insights from a current Missouri State Legislator, Shamed Dogan. Rep. Dogan shares with us what he has learned from being in the Missouri House and what to look for in the next session.

Sep 152015
Matt Trewhella

Have you ever wondered if it’s important to have a marriage license?   We get to visit with a Constitutional Scholar about what happened in Kentucky and the benefits of having constitutionally educated elected officials on every level.

In this episode, we interview Matt Trewhella, author of the book, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government.

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