Aug 252015
Doug Tjaden 200

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about our economy?

Do you worry about the country’s monetary system crashing and leaving us penniless?

Today we interview an expert on the financial systems of the world who will answer all of these questions and more.

On today’s episode, you will get to hear from financial expert, Doug Tjaden. He answers our questions you may have had, but never knew who to ask about money, investing, storing gold, Bitcoin, FinTech, and when the market might reset.

Doug Tjaden is a pastor, author, public speaker has a wife and five children lives Kansas City.

Aug 182015
Bill Eigel 150

Does the message trump the money?

How can an office holder make sure he’s not absorbed into the soup after getting elected?

What happens when a citizen trying to protect his business ends up working to change his government?

On today’s edition of Home Front, I confront these questions with Bill Eigel, a candidate for State Senate. You will hear what makes a military guy tick and some new ideas on how to pay for our roads.

Aug 112015
Gary Wiegert

Does the sound of a police siren freak you out?

Have you or a friend ever been pulled over by the police?

Today we have a conversation with Gary Wiegert, a retired police officer, who can explain to us what is happening to modern day police work and some little known insights into what happened in Ferguson.

You’ll get some tips that might help you if you ever get pulled over.

Our guest, Gary Wiegert is also a lobbyist for the St. Louis Tea Party. He shares some thoughts with us about fusion voting and the Transportation Freedom Act being proposed in Congress.

Aug 042015
Will Kraus

Will Kraus was an army helicopter pilot in the war in Iraq. After he got home, he was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives. He now is in the Missouri Senate. On this episode Will tells the story of his faith and what kind of legislation he will be promoting next.

Listen to learn more about our election laws and why we are having so much trouble passing photo ID requirements. If you want to read more about Will Kraus, you can click here:

Jul 282015
Chuck Baldwin 200p

Have you ever wondered if churches should register with the state to become tax exempt?

Have you ever wondered if people should have to get a marriage license from their state in order to get married?

On today’s edition of Home Front, we get into these issues and get you some good answers.  We have a talk with Dr. Chuck Baldwin about the importance of getting churches out of the 501c3 trap and how to get the government out of the marriage business.

Chuck Baldwin’s website is

Jul 212015

Have you ever wondered what these “Obama Trade” and “Fast Track” proposals will do, but you didn’t want to ask? No reason to be concerned. By the time you are done listening to our show, you will feel like an expert and you’ll be able to talk confidently about our trade with foreign countries.

Today you will get to hear from William F. Jasper, Senior Editor, The New American.

William is an expert on the Trans Pacific Partnership and comes to us today to help us unpack all the complexities of this bill. He was born in Madison, Wisconsin, but William Jasper grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is a graduate of the University of Idaho.

Jul 142015

Today on Home Front I bring you a little more of a discussion I had with my friends, Dave Cort and Lloyd Sloan.

Instead if me interviewing them, they are interviewing me on Dave Cort’s show. We get into the some deeper discussions on the proposal going around this country pertaining to having a convention of the states.

Even though a lot of people are not paying attention to our constitution, most people want to keep it. There is an idea being peddled in the halls of state capitols trying to have the states open up the constitution for debate.

I am against this because I have seen plenty of shenanigans happen at the state level. It is ridiculous to think that the state legislators are morally superior to the legislators in Washington DC. Maybe it’s a smaller cesspool, but it’s still a cesspool.

I’m not saying that all the politicians are bad people. There are some good ones. It’s just that there are not enough of the good ones to get a good result.

The proof for me was in looking at my own state. We have a supermajority of Republicans and they are still passing bad laws every year they are in session.

How could we possibly expect a better result if they were in charge of modifying the Constitution?

I don’t want to sit on the sidelines while our Constitution is being altered and then hear people say later, “How could we have been so stupid. “ I don’t want to hear people say “I told you so.” By then it will be too late.

Let’s just open our eyes and make a proper assessment of what we can do to fix the problems we have by electing better people.

Jul 072015
Dave Cort

Have you ever wondered about who starts the idea for a new law? Today on Home Front I bring you a discussion I had with political pundits, Dave Cort and Lloyd Sloan.

Instead if me interviewing them, they are interviewing me on Dave Cort’s show.

You will hear the answer to the question you’ve been wondering about concerning how legislation is cultivated by the lobbyists and the inside story on ALEC .

Few people follow or understand how much influence the lobbyists have on legislators, but there is a definite connection.

Big corporations wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars if they weren’t getting a return on their money. Recently, there have been several news articles about how bad it is out there.

A.L.E.C. stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council. On today’s edition of Home Front I let you in on a little conversation where I unpack for you what is right and what is wrong about the process of lobbyists influencing legislation.

Curiously, a big part of the media outrage is because this organization is having an affect on free market legislation, but we don’t hear that it is also happening with left-wing legislation being pushed by other organizations.

Ultimately we have to ask, are the legislators merely puppets? Who is in charge of the asylum?

Jun 302015
Alice Patterson1

What should we expect next in light of our US Supreme Court OPINION on homosexuality? The show this week allows us to catch a glimpse of what happened in San Antonio, TX when the city adopted a harsh ordinance to discriminate against Christians.

Remember the Alamo! There is a lot more happening in San Antonio than just historic relics. You thought the war was over, but we now are engaged in another war. When the San Antonio City Council decided to ban people from being involved in their city if they ever spoke out against moral degradation, they started a new kind of war with their citizens and with the constitution.

Join us as we talk with Alice Patterson from Justice at the Gate. She will share with us her story of the struggle and what you need to know when the homosexual agenda comes to your city.

Jun 232015
Pastor Whitney 200p

It all boils down to one question: To whom do the children belong? Some people think they belong to the state and their parents belong to the state as well. This perspective is horribly misguided and the ramifications on the family are destructive to the core.

Today, I interview Pastor David Whitney from the Institute on the Constitution. He shares with us a historical perspective on the public school system and offers sound advice to parents on how to protect themselves and their children.

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