Dec 162014

You might think “What can be so interesting about chickens?” It’s not about chickens. This is a show where we talk about how municipalities operate and make decisions. Just like with parenting, any government has the ability to overpower it’s citizens. No one can dispute the power of the sword, especially when the government is bigger and stronger than the indivudual. But does might make right?

On this episode we interview Patrick Stovall, the gentleman who is organizing a petition drive to create a law allowing citizens to have chickens. We also hear from Cathryn Davis, an agronomist who comments on her own experience with chickens and her municipality.

Our own city provided us with several examples recently of how a governing body can suddenly shift from being friendly to being hostile toward freedom. Our liberties are always vulnerable, but so much more vulnerable when we have a governing body that has fallen into the “group think” syndrome. So on this show today, you will hear a lot about the chicken ordinance, but please listen to the real issue which is our ability to govern ourselves and how bigger government ideology insults the intelligence of the citizens.

Dec 092014
Who-Killed-the-American-Family - Cropped

Who Killed the American Family? That’s the title of the book we discuss with author, Phyllis Schlafly on today’s episode. Phyllis invited me into her radio station to delve into the details of what has ruined the peace and serenity of the family for our entire country.

Don’t think you are spared just because you are doing fine. We’ve all been affected in one way or another. If you are a taxpayer or live on the planet with other people, you are affected.

Who’s going to teach the next generation?

Dec 022014
Property Rights 150

How would you like it if you were told your horses couldn’t drink water out of your own creek?  Today we talk with someone who fought back and still has her farm, but what about those who choose not to fight? You’ll get some thoughts and new ideas on property rights.  Listen to hear what you  need to know in case this happens to you on Home Front.

Rene’ Holaday comes to us from Stevens County, Washington State. She is the author of The Perils of Sustainable Development. Rene’ Holaday is also a full time researcher for

United Nations document information is here:

Property Rights information is here:

Nov 252014
Christian Fioravanti

Do you want to know what it is like to go up against the establishment wing of the Republican Party? What are the factors that go into which office should be sought?

We talk today with a gentleman who just finished running for State Senate, Christian Fiorvanti.  He shares with us some insights gleaned from his first effort to unseat a left-wing establishment  20 year Republican State Senator.  Sometimes it can get frustrating to take our message to the people, but that is the only hope for turning our country around.

You can learn more here:

I think you’ll enjoy hearing his reasons for hope.

Nov 182014
CeCe Moore

We live in a brave new world.  You may not have questioned your parents, but science has made an indelible impact on our ability to understand our origins.  Today on Home Front we discuss the major breakthrough genetic testing is becoming for all of us.

With the advent of the Information age, we have the ability to acquire more facts than ever before.  Today we have a special guest, CeCe Moore who is an independent professional genetic genealogist currently working on two different TV shows: Finding Your Roots and Genealogy Roadshow.

CeCe is also the Lead Ancestry Ambassador for 23andMe and has close working relationships with all of the major genetic genealogy testing companies.  Her area of expertise lies in assisting others in understanding DNA testing products such as 23andMe’s Relative Finder and’s program called AncestryDNA. On this episode, we talk with CeCe Moore who is the consultant on the TV show, “Finding Your Roots” and a genetic geneologist.  CeCe discusses how much people can learn about themselves and their origins just by having their DNA analyzed.

Nov 032014
John McCaherty

Join us for an inside glimpse of politics in Missouri. Rep. John McCaherty shares with us some of his insights on what a difference it has made to be both a pastor and a member of the Missouri House of Representatives.

You will get to hear from his own lips what it’s like to be on the frontline in the battle for ideas. Rep. McCaherty beat an incumbent and lets us in on some little known “secrets of the House”.

Oct 212014
Stephanie Blessing150

Liberals want to flaunt it, conservatives want to hide it, but who is going to expose it? The artificial insemination industry finally got some unwanted publicity when a white woman discovered that the secret father of her baby was black.

Today we talk with Stephanie Blessing about some of the ramifications of wanton non-sexual procreation with strangers. As an added bonus, you will learn some replacement vocabulary words and the dirty little secrets as we pull back the sheets.

Oct 142014
Shaunti Feldhahn

Recently I was invited to join Phyllis Schlafly on her radio show, Eagle Forum Live.  We had a lot of fun interviewing Shaunti Feldhahn as we discussed her newest book called, The Good News About Marriage

We’ve all heard divorce statists that just aren’t true. Our guest, Shaunti Feldhahn comes to inform us of the positive news that the divorce rate is not anywhere near the 50% that is frequently reported.  According to our own census numbers more like 72% are still married to their original spouse.  Many of those who are no longer married had a happy marriage for decades and their spouse is now passed away. Todays episode will inspire, encourage and contains some of the highlights of that interview we did on Eagle Forum Live.

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