Jan 272015

Did you watch the state of the union speech? How about the Republican response?

On this episode, Darrell Castle and I let you know what we thought of it, especially the parts about climate change, Islam , foreign policy, homosexuality, and the economy.

Join us today to hear the only exclusive politically correct response. We will save you a lot of time and more importantly, a lot of angst!

Jan 202015
Rick Johnson

I was driving down the road one day and saw a billboard.  It said:

Want a better Country? Change your family.

Want a better family? Change yourself.

Today on Home Front we hear from someone who can tell us how to do just that.  Rick Johnson just released a new book called, “Romancing Your Better Half“.  Whether you care about marriage or not, if you are a taxpayer, you should care!  The lack of marriage is something we are all paying for and the taxpayer is getting the shaft from all those elected officials who keep creating programs that only benefit those who reject marriage.   You can find more about Rick Johnson here:  www.betterdads.net

Jan 132015
Rick Jore

Why would a person leave public office?

What would make a person leave his political party?

In today’s episode, we have a conversation with former state legislator, Rick Jore. You can hear what is in his heart and mine as well.

If you are looking for answers to the question of what happened to America and how to fix it, you will find some of them here today. STAY THE COURSE!

Jan 062015
Cecily Wright

What do you know about the Bill of Rights? Today I interview Cecily Wright from Spokane, Washington. Cecily and John Wright run the Northwest Grassroots organization which hosts a monthly “Movie Night”. http://www.northwestgrassroots.com/

Don’t think the Tea Party movement is dead. They still get between 50-100 citizens coming out to their local meetings hungry to hear the truth about the foundations of our nation. There’s hope!

In this episode you will hear an analysis of the first 10 amendments and how the current laws being passed by congress are trampling on these rights.

Anyone can understand if you want to listen and learn. Let’s get a grip on our birthright before we lose it!

Dec 302014

We have a real treat for you on today’s episode of Home Front. I interview Darrell Castle and he surprised me with some of his comments.

We talk about where things went awry in 2014, but we also paint a picture for you of what could happen to correct our problems. Don’t lose hope! Listen and learn about Obamacare, Muslims, Cuba, and thoughts on running for president as we look at 2014 in review.

What “fundamental changes” from last year have indelibly altered the course of history? Ready for some more history in the making? In this episode you can hear from the lips of Darrell Castle what he thinks was the worst and the best of 2014 and what we should expect to happen in this next coming year.

Dec 232014

In this episode, we talk with Jake MacAuley, Chief Operating Officer for the Institution on the Constitution.  He provides us with some great illustrations that willl help you understand what is happening to our country.  As an added bonus, Jake tells us at the end of this show how you can get a free education on the Constitution.

If you are going to hire a bus driver, you had better get one who believes your destination exists and knows how to read a map.  That’s how ridiculous it is for us to elect office holders who don’t understand from where our rights originate and won’t use the Constitution as a roadmap.  Listen to this episode today to hear about what will happen when our nation turns its back on God and how we can mobilize to make a difference.  “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”  Psalm 9:17

Dec 162014

You might think “What can be so interesting about chickens?” It’s not about chickens. This is a show where we talk about how municipalities operate and make decisions. Just like with parenting, any government has the ability to overpower it’s citizens. No one can dispute the power of the sword, especially when the government is bigger and stronger than the indivudual. But does might make right?

On this episode we interview Patrick Stovall, the gentleman who is organizing a petition drive to create a law allowing citizens to have chickens. We also hear from Cathryn Davis, an agronomist who comments on her own experience with chickens and her municipality.

Our own city provided us with several examples recently of how a governing body can suddenly shift from being friendly to being hostile toward freedom. Our liberties are always vulnerable, but so much more vulnerable when we have a governing body that has fallen into the “group think” syndrome. So on this show today, you will hear a lot about the chicken ordinance, but please listen to the real issue which is our ability to govern ourselves and how bigger government ideology insults the intelligence of the citizens.

Dec 092014
Who-Killed-the-American-Family - Cropped

Who Killed the American Family? That’s the title of the book we discuss with author, Phyllis Schlafly on today’s episode. Phyllis invited me into her radio station to delve into the details of what has ruined the peace and serenity of the family for our entire country.

Don’t think you are spared just because you are doing fine. We’ve all been affected in one way or another. If you are a taxpayer or live on the planet with other people, you are affected.

Who’s going to teach the next generation?

Dec 022014
Property Rights 150

How would you like it if you were told your horses couldn’t drink water out of your own creek?  Today we talk with someone who fought back and still has her farm, but what about those who choose not to fight? You’ll get some thoughts and new ideas on property rights.  Listen to hear what you  need to know in case this happens to you on Home Front.

Rene’ Holaday comes to us from Stevens County, Washington State. She is the author of The Perils of Sustainable Development. Rene’ Holaday is also a full time researcher for stopanimalid.org

United Nations document information is here:  http://www.un.org/earthwatch/biodiversity/assessment.html

Property Rights information is here: http://www.capr.us/STEVENS/

Nov 252014
Christian Fioravanti

Do you want to know what it is like to go up against the establishment wing of the Republican Party? What are the factors that go into which office should be sought?

We talk today with a gentleman who just finished running for State Senate, Christian Fiorvanti.  He shares with us some insights gleaned from his first effort to unseat a left-wing establishment  20 year Republican State Senator.  Sometimes it can get frustrating to take our message to the people, but that is the only hope for turning our country around.

You can learn more here: http://www.idahosenate2014.com

I think you’ll enjoy hearing his reasons for hope.

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