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The Two Edged Sword – Robert Andrews


It’s looking kind of dark out there. What is happening to our country? How are we supposed to vote, given the political realities today? Can you trust any of the candidates? Well, we have some good answers for you.

On our broadcast, we interview Robert Andrews, author and teacher in Washington State. He comes to share the four questions candidates need to answer before we can tell if someone is qualified to hold public office. You can learn more at his website:

Healthcare, Obamacare and HIPAA


Why not fill out the HIPAA form when you go to the doctor? Have you had enough of Obamacare yet? There’s plenty of talk about what a mess it is, why hasn’t it been repealed?

On today’s show we interview Twila Brase, Founder of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom ( In the interview, our guest reveals some of the dirty little secrets about obamacare’s origins, starting with the HIPAA laws from the Republican majority Congress.

You’ll learn not only how we got into this mess, but what options are available to get us out of it.

Hear What the Old Judge Has To Say


Today I bring you Justice Thomas Brennan, who served as the Chief Justice of the Michigan State Supreme Court.

We talk about our Constitutional rights, what it takes to win a nomination and the impact of US supreme court decisions. You can find out more at

In 1966, Governor Romney, urged him to run for the nomination of the Republican Party as Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Brennan won the nomination, and the election. In 1969 and 1970, Brennan served as Chief Justice, the youngest Justice to serve on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Takeover by Richard Viguerie


What’s the most important political battle we face today? Why is Donald Trump so popular ? Are Conservatives gaining ground or losing ground?

On our show today, I interview 82 year old political expert, Richard Viguerie. We discuss the principles addressed in his new book called, Takeover.

You’re about to learn a lot about our political climate and what you can expect next in the upcoming elections. For more information, you can go to

I Once Was Blind Dating


Today, I interview Stephanie Rische, senior non-fiction editor for Tyndale House Publishers.

This show is a little different from most of our other shows because it’s not as political. However, 100 % of you are either single or married, so it still affects all of us. Regardless of your marital status, you will be inspired by this story.

You can learn more on Stephanie’s blog.

Should Women Be in Combat?


On our show today we interview blogger and theologian, Douglas Wilson, to get his take on what is a conservative, what’s happening to our country and if we should send our women into combat.

The old expression is “Stupidity never works”, so on today’s show we teach you some gems on how our country can learn to not be stupid.

Has our military been reduced to a social experiment?  Why doesn’t the Congress declare a war if we are really in one?

You can learn more about Douglas Wilson at his blog,

Heritage Action


I enjoy this episode because it helps me feel better to know there’s something we can do. It seems like our representatives are all talk, but no walk. All jawbone, but no backbone. I’m pretty sick of it myself.

On today’s edition of Home Front, we give you a tool you can use to hold your elected officials accountable. Our guest, Ben Evans, comes to us from Heritage Action for America. Ben Evans is the Central Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action.

You will get to hear an insider’s glimpse on how to get our Congress back.



On our show today, I bring you a man who actually became a transgender and then changed back. Walt Heyer offers us some deeper truths from his own life. We also discuss what is happening in public school bathrooms and the new ruling from the Olympics committee.

You can learn more here:

This is your chance to learn from someone who’s been there and done that.

An Insider’s Glimpse into the Oregon Bundy Standoff


Have you been watching the news about the standoff with the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon? On our show today, we talk with Russell Bolton, a military expert who gives us an insiders scoop and his analysis of what really happened. Russell is the head of the Stevens County Assembly in Washington State.

You will learn what we’re doing wrong, what we’re doing right and how we can change the narrative.

For more information, go to

A Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage


Most people may not realize how much the little things are really the big things. On our show today, we talk about a little thing called marriage. Whether you’re married or not, there’s something in here for you to learn as we talk with one of America’s foremost marriage experts, Dr. Greg Smalley. You’ll learn why some people quit leading their families and what it takes to be truly happy.

You can follow Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley at 

The Smalleys are hosting an event called—the Honoring Marriage 2016 Event—a nationwide initiative led by Focus On The Family this upcoming Valentine’s Day 2016.

We give a shout out to Missouri Grassroots Radio and Restoration of America Radio for hosting our show.

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