How About A Fresh New Start?

The picture of Darrell Castle was taken in his office in Memphis,Tennessee and the picture of me was taken in my office in Missouri's State Capitol.
The picture of Darrell Castle was taken in his office in Memphis,Tennessee
and the picture of me was taken in my office in Missouri’s State Capitol.

Every day more news is generated giving us hints about where our Nation is going next. This last year was a rocky road for public policy. The major players were successful at shifting us further to the Left end of the political spectrum. But there is still hope.

Our Nation has lost some of the respect of other nations we used to enjoy. Other countries used to admire us for our stand on the sanctity of life, the integrity of mankind, faithfulness to our Creator and for the freedoms we once enjoyed. Now we are under the burden of inept leadership in our executive branch and elected officials from both major political parties.

The elections in 2016 may prove to offer some surprises and may answer the question: “Did they yank too hard?”

Donald Trump’s large amount of support is really a backlash against the current crop of professional politicians. The Support for Ted Cruz among the evangelical voters is a statement that people are looking for someone willing to address the social issues. The surprising lack of support for Jeb Bush may be a sign that people are sick of “more of the same,” wimpy old guard establishment Republicans. Despite all the media attention some of these candidates are receiving, many are wondering if we have more options.

We must look for candidates who have established a record of veracity, virtue and honesty. There are a few out there, but not many. If you find one, volunteer, send money and put a yard sign in front of your house. We don’t have to take the conditions of this country lying down!

On today’s show, I interview Darrell Castle and we offer some analysis to help you feel good about our Country again.

Darrell Castle, Don Stone and me
Darrell Castle, Don Stone and me


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