Lisa Pannett – Holding ‘Em Accountable


We all want to have a great Country.  But what are we supposed to do when our elected officials present themselves as caring about our issues when they are candidates and then forget what they said once they get into office?  On our show this week, we talk with one of our favorite citizen lobbyists, Lisa Pannett.  She shares with us from her vast experience with the legislators in Missouri’s General Assembly.

Few things are as frustrating as working hard to get good people into office, only to have them fall into the soup.  If you’re feeling like me, you know we don’t need more lip service!  Listen to this show to get inspired and encouraged.

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  • Bob Peck

    Great expose’ on the ills of the political system and why the seemingly “good” go “bad.”

    And while I support all efforts to hold elected officials accountable to their professed values, I contend that ultimately there is only one way to “hold them accountable” – VOTE THEM OUT!

    Sadly, I hear the “hold them accountable” talk from conservatives all too often, but when it comes down to the general election, suddenly the only thing that matters is beating the democrat, so they will reelect and reelect the R incumbent despite their abysmal voting record. Ultimately, this has the exact opposite effect of holding them accountable. It instead teaches the candidates and the R party that they can do anything they want and abuse their base from now till the cows come home and conservatives will still reward them with power so long as Republicans can contend that the Democrat opponent is even worse.

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