US Senate Candidate Tony Monetti


Today we interview U S Senate candidate, Tony Monetti.  Tony spent over twenty years in decorated military service. He flew a B-52 to destroy infrastructure in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. He later joined elite airmen handpicked to pilot the then-new B-2 Stealth Bomber in global combat operations. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery. Promoted to major, he became the 509th Bomb Wing’s safety chief at Whiteman Air Force Base.

An election is right around the corner and we need to know what the candidates are thinking.  This show is a continuation of our efforts to probe the people who want to represent us in Washington DC.  You’re about to hear what’s going on behind the three second sound bites.


  • mandi

    Term limits is a BAD BAD BAD idea. We already have Term Limits. It is called voting. Mandatory Term Limits produces Lame Duck and that is a disaster. Convention of states is also a very bad idea. Amend the constitution? It will totally destroy the constitution. In the convention of Article 5 everything as we know it could be thrown out. Want to talk about the wrong agenda.

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